One day the last ship will sail

Published 12:01 pm Wednesday, January 31, 2024

By Mary Murphy
New Enon Community
We travel not far to find you sitting there lost in the midst of a cloud.
I listen to the stories of the women who lived through the Holocaust, let the dead bury the
dead, but the memories clean your soul. I’m glad my children had a chance to meet and spend
time with our wonderful neighbor, who was one of many Holocaust survivors.
Not only does the younger people believe the myth of the Holocaust, so too many older adults
seem to think slavery was imaginary made up in movies. The more you speak on the subject the
better the glory glows inside your heart.
Breeze fills the earth, as the snow fills the crevasse in the outline of the beauty from which it
came. The snow began to spread far and wide. Resist my child for I am near, rise not upon the
sand, for you will sink into the pit of unseen darkness.
We see the light through the glow of the darkness disappearing into nothingness.
Wake up young gifted and black, you are the glory of tomorrow. This country was built on the
backs of many ethnic groups. Whine that you have lost nothing but pride.
Think of all the ancestors who was brought to a foreign land to be sold into slavery ask yourself,
where is our language that was forbidden, until it was lost.
One day the last ship will float above the water so all can see the end of a journey in North
Carolina, of slave people buried on a ship encased in mud.
The softness of a redbird, whispering in the wind brings closure to the emptiness of life's

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