Remembering old, making new

Published 8:55 am Wednesday, November 16, 2022

By Jan Penton Miller


Missy is snoozing away on this chilly fall day. I could have joined her, but it’s a busy time of year, and I have a lot to accomplish if I plan for everything to be ready for my Thanksgiving gathering.

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Actually, we have moved our celebration up a little so my hubby could enjoy the festivities.Mike drives an eighteen-wheeler and is gone much of the time so we arranged a day when he would be home for our gathering. We all agreed that this is a wonderful idea and will allow some people to join us who would otherwise be busy with their own celebrations. I am now in high gear getting everything ready.

My limited space is challenging, but I’ve decided to move things around, pull out tables, and make the most of time with friends and family. After all, making new memories is really what matters. I am one that always wants things to look a certain way, but I can work with the space I have and still make things nice.

Today I’m making my grandmother’s family famous cornbread dressing. It really is delicious, but as with most good recipes it is quite time consuming. That’s why I make a big batch and freeze enough for my Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

I love the holidays so much I almost wish there was more time between the two big days for decorating. I decided to put up a small tree in my bedroom just to get a jumpstart on things. Well…one thing led to another and now my garage is filled with boxes and boxes of decorations.     

When my bedroom tree turned out so well I couldn’t help myself. I solicited help from my son, Ryan, setting up the larger tree in the living room, and it is finished too except for the bow on top. My daughter in love, Cherrie, loves decorating also, and her bows beat mine so she is going to help with the big bow.     

And how is a girl to get in the spirit of decorating without Christmas tunes? I have a wide variety of cd’s that I’ve collected over the years, and although I know I can find Christmas music on Pandora or elsewhere I like to select from my old favorites. My dad loved Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby particularly, and I listen to those old cd’s every year and think of my daddy. 

I’ll watch a cheesy Hallmark movie now and again, but I enjoy the old classics most. My brother, Paul, loved “It’s a Wonderful Life” and whenever I watch it I think of him and how he left us much too soon. I have a particular cd that makes me tear up every year thinking of my late husband, Glen R. and how we loved listening to it.

     I’m not sad at the holidays thinking of those I love that are now with Jesus. I just like to remember all the good times while I’m making more.