Vacation property patrols available through PCSO

Published 10:35 am Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Citizens of Panola County who are planning vacations, or will be away from their homes for other reasons, may now fill out a short form and file the paperwork with the Sheriff’s Office, to be placed on a list for special attention by patrolling deputies during their absence.

“This was something that was really needed for the peace of mind of homeowners, and for the deputies out on the roads all day and night,” Phelps said. “We can’t guarantee that people on vacation won’t have any trouble at their house while they are gone, but this will go a long way to cutting down on property damage and thefts.”

Phelps said the forms will be available at the Sheriff’s Office on Hwy. 35 and at the Circuit Clerk’s Office at both the Batesville and Sardis Courthouses.

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The form is a simple one-page sheet that asks for names and addresses and easy contact numbers. The form will tell deputies what dates a house will be empty, how many (if any) cars should be in the driveway, whether a dog is on the premise, and if lights should be on.

With that information, deputies will be tasked to check on the property a couple of times each shift, in hopes that property crimes can be thwarted, especially in rural areas that don’t see deputy patrols as often as other areas.

The Batesville Police Department will be given the information on houses inside the city limits, and others will be checked by county deputies. The vacation check request is intended for owner absences of 14 days and less.

To learn more about the vacation checklists, citizens may call the Sheriff’s Office at 563-6230 to learn more about getting an application.