Hosemann no longer poking on President Trump

Published 9:55 am Friday, April 13, 2018

Hosemann no longer poking on President Trump

By Jeremy Weldon, Editor

I had been itching to talk to Sec. of State Delbert Hosemann, and was glad to catch him last week at the Panola Partnership annual  get together.

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He graciously gave me a few minutes, even suggesting we step outside to have a better conversation. So, on the back deck of the venue, I had the chance to ask one of Mississippi’s Republican leadership where he stood with President Donald Trump.

My curiosity stemmed from Hosemann’s reply (last year) to the Election Integrity Commission’s request for certain data the state has about our voting citizens. If I recall, most of the stuff the government asked for is already on file in Washington, perhaps not neatly organized or readily available to the folks there.

When Hosemann reportedly told the Election Commission to “Go jump in the Gulf,” my interest was piqued. Having always considered Hosemann a good conservative with sleek features and a good political antenna, I was very surprised to hear him speak out against the commission set up by the President.

It’s clear to me that Mr. Rump, I mean Trump, has considerable ground support in this country. Much greater than the liberals and purveyors of fake news wish the common folk to know.

One state observer I read after and generally respect was outraged. He called Hosemann’s comments a poke in Mr. Trump’s eye and wished for the end of the secretary’s political career. I’ve wondered since then how his relationship has been with the President’s people, and were there any bad feelings anywhere.

I was relieved to hear Hosemann was completely on board with the President and his agenda, at least the parts that directly affect the average Mississippian.

The secretary started out defending the President’s tough position on trade tariff’s with China. Hosemann praised Mr. Trump’s negotiating acumen and said he’s not worried in the least that China will get the best of the President in these high-stake economic dealings.

I’m not much worried about the China tariff situation either. Anything the President can get accomplished is better than the bad deals we’ve had with that country since the Declaration of Independence was signed. Actually, before that. Remember the Boston Tea Party incident? Guess where that tea came from? You’re right, China.

China has been getting the best of us forever, mostly because we want their stuff more than they want ours. There are lots of charts and graphs and boring talks that will explain this, but the simple fact is that Americans are hooked on Chinese goods and services, and the Chinese could care less about most of what we produce.

Puts us behind the eight ball in negotiations from the beginning.

Back to Sec. Hosemann in Como last week. When pressed about how Mr. Trump’s presidency has been for Mississippi so far, the secretary was all praises. He pointed out that during the Obama Administration, rules and regulations had become almost unbearable for the average Mississippi businessman, and some landowners.

During the last administration, Hosemann said, a fellow had to get 87 permits to build a pond on his own property. Now, with Mr. Trump and his people removing and relaxing these burdensome regulations, business money is making its way back into the state’s economy.

That’s what I was hoping to hear – full support for the President’s economic agenda. If Mr. Trump can survive the slings and (often illegal) arrows being hurled his way, I believe his policies will spur the type of economic growth desperately needed.

Sec. Hosemann can gloat that Mississippi is at virtually full employment now, and that his Voter I.D. program and rollout was the best in the nation – of the 28 states that tried it, Mississippi was the only one that didn’t draw a lawsuit from the feds. That’s worth gloating about, for sure.

The President’s personal life and his style aren’t to my liking, but his governing and understanding of what made America great is right up my alley.

That’s why I was so glad to hear Hosemann 100 percent on board with the President. Maybe Mr. Trump can survive with his power structure intact long enough to take the bridle off this economy and let American capitalism run free long enough get us back on track.

And here’s hoping Sec. Hosemann has continued success in his political endeavors.