Quiet Spring nights come with reminder from BPD

Published 8:19 am Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Quiet Spring  nights come with reminder from BPD

It’s was a quiet weekend in Batesville, my hometown. The highlight was Saturday’s Lokel Yokels’ 14th anniversary show. They packed radio station WBLE FM 100.5 so full of singers, pickers and grinners and their instruments that I just decided to stay away and listen, which I did and enjoyed.
The anniversary show has always been live. That means that hosts Ricky and Johnny round up talent willing to sing and play into microphones with no computer-assisted enhancement of the sounds, voice-overs, dubbing and the like that I have no idea what the terms mean.
But for Ricky, it’s about getting away from technical assistance grown so smooth that music becomes almost artificial. What we heard Saturday was pure voice and sound.
It was so quiet that the traffic volume at Highway 6 and Eureka Street even seemed lighter. I spent some time on the front porch near the intersection where three generations of family members have sat and watched traffic go by — the first of those generations even before Highway 6 was built.
It was so quiet that Batesville Police Department Deputy Chief Kerry Pittman had no incident reports to fax me for this edition. He did remind us that spring weather brings out walkers — not those out for their health, but the wee hours walkers who stalk around neighborhoods checking for unlocked vehicles.
Put yourself in the mind of a miscreant and it makes sense. Just walk around in the night shadows checking for unlocked vehicles. When you find one, carefully open the door and see what prizes might lay inside. In the recent past, prizes have included handguns, purses, smartphones left by not-so-smart owners and the like. Add the anxiety over the possibility of getting caught to the anticipation of what prize one might find and get an adrenalin rush for a bonus.
Which is what gets some folks off on warm, quiet Spring nights in Batesville, my hometown.

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