Batesville Municipal Court 6/20/2014

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 20, 2014

Judge tells defendant to leave town as soon as released

By Emily D. Williams

A man who has been staying at Skyline Motel was told by Judge Jay Westfaul to get out of Panola County as fast as possible during Batesville Municipal Court held Wednesday.

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Steven Davis, Skyline, was fined $830 for domestic violence-simple assault and simple possession of marijuana. 

“Do you have any reason to be in Batesville?” Westfaul asked.

“If you are released from jail can you go somewhere away from Batesville?” Westfaul asked.

Davis was also told he would be put on a two year probation with specific orders: to remain out of Panola County, have no affiliation with any gangs and to not possess or sale illegal narcotics.

Ronald E. Fowler, 218 Broadway, Batesville, had a charge for felony domestic violence reduced to domestic violence-simple and was fined $402. He also had old fines of $691 due since June 2012. His fines are due by July 9 or he will serve 25 days in jail.

Brejuan Byres, 3946 Eureka Rd., Batesville, previously told the judge he worked 17 days on the city’s work release program.

He was ordered to work 20 days.

Paperwork along with a representative from the Batesville Civic Center proved Byres only worked two days. He was ordered to have his fines paid in full or serve time in jail.

“Can I work it off on the city work program?” Byres asked after the judge told him to pay his fines.

“No!” the judge replied.

Kevin Butler, 114 Autumn St., Batesville, had a trial set for July 23 for domestic violence-simple assault against his mother.

He stepped in front of the judge with his inmate pants sagging below his waist and officers quickly told him to pull his pants up.

Butler refused to answer any questions the judge asked and was being uncooperative. 

“Are you on medication or are you unable to speak correctly?” the judge asked.

Butler told the judge he was on medication but doesn’t know what kind.

His father said he was unaware of any medication he is prescribed.

The judge asked if Butler’s father was in the courtroom. 

As his father stood up, Butler started speaking up. 

His bond was raised from $2,500 to $5,000 being considered a flight risk.

Alvia Joy, 115 Ozbirn St., Batesville, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting from Burke’s Outlet. She also had old fines of $1,605 due since February 2013.

She was fined $1,131 for shoplifting. 

“Is there a reason you have not paid your fines?” the judge asked.

“No,” she replied.

Joy is expecting and when the judge asked when she was due she replied, “July 26.”

“Can you have these fines paid in two weeks?” the judge asked.

“I can try,” she replied.

She was told to have the fines paid in full or return to serve 40 days in jail on August 26.

“That gives you enough time to make arrangements for the baby,” the judge said.

Crystal Bobo, 305 Greenhill Circle, Sardis, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting from Walmart, a handicap violation and carrying a concealed weapon. The weapon was forfeited.

Charane Hewlette, 204 Lester Street, Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to public drunk. A trial was set for July 23. 

Keith Thornton, 1865 Crenshaw Road, Dundee, entered a not guilty plea to false identifying  information to a police officer. A trial was set for July 23. 

Jessie Taylor Jr., 101 Goodhaven, Batesville, paid a cash fine $313  for malicious mischief. 

Betty F. Watson, 344 Greenhill Circle, Sardis, Entered a guilty plea to shoplifting socks, dresses, and other items from Walmart. She was fined $1,131.

Eddie H. Harris, 162 Main Street, Courtland, had a case dismissed for disorderly conduct and simple assault after the affiant, Dennis Moore failed to appear to prosecute.

Shaquille Johnson, 210 Pearson Street, Batesville, guilty plea to simple assault against a juvenile. She was fined $313.

 Tabitha Thornton, 209 Gordon Dr., Batesville, paid her old fines of $548 in full prior to court. 

Sharonda Harrisburg, 205 Vance St., Batesville, failed to appear to answer contempt of court old fines  $231 that have been do since July 2013. 

Latanya Henderson, 106 Goodhaven, Batesville, was given 35 days suspended jail time for old fines of $927.25 due since October 2007. The judge told her to have them paid in full by July 9.

Parthesala Lester, 4578 Woodruff Rd., Batesville, had old fines of $664 do since 2010. The judge told her to have the fines paid in full by July 2 or serve time in jail. 

 Thomas Smalley, to 10 Pearson Street, Batesville, was fined $428 for simple possession of marijuana. He was released from jail and given credit for time served for the days he spent in jail awaiting trial. 

 Steven Toliver, 200 Highway 51, Apt  135, Batesville, had a trial set for July 30 for domestic violence and disorderly conduct-failure to comply. He also had old fines of $908.75 due since March 2014.

“I suggest you have $908.75 when you come back for trial,” said Westfaul.

 Chelsey Ellis, 68 Rudd Rd., Sardis, had a case for domestic violence- simple assault remanded to the files at the request of the officer.

Austin Payment, 120 Trianon, Batesville, had a malicious mischief case continued. He is represented by Attorney Kirk Willingham.