Featured Story – Jiffy robbery

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Though the stilled image lacks detail, the accompanying video presents a good facial view of the man sought for a Mi Pueblo burglary shortly after midnight Saturday.

Burglars strike Batesville businesses

By John Howell

Smash and grab was again the choice method of operation for Batesville burglars early Sunday morning.
Both burglaries were successful. Both were recorded on surveillance video.

Two men in “hoodies” can be seen on the video waiting outside Mi Pueblo late Saturday night, nervously pacing, waiting and watching for the right moment. About 12:10 p.m., one smashes the door with a brick. Soon afterwards, a man in a gray hoodie is seen reaching across the counter toward the cash register. With his hand, he brushes his hoodie back, allowing a clear view of his face. He then walks behind the counter and wrestles with a cash register drawer, finally loosening it.

“The other guy ate candy” during the burglary, said Batesville Police Department Detective Lt. George Williford. The second man wore a dark or black hoodie over a white shirt and dark pants.

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Not long afterwards, a lone burglar smashed the north door at Mr. Jiffy #4 convenience store on Highway 6 West. Although the video is better quality, the burglar at Mr. Jiffy burglar keeps his face from view. However his clothing — black shirt with half sleeves over a long sleeve white shirt and dark pants, his build or his movements may be recognizable. The burglar smashed the front door glass with a brick, entered and went directly to an area near the cash register and left with an undisclosed amount of money — all within 34 seconds, according to the time displayed in the video.

Both burglaries were discovered Sunday morning. Mississippi Bureau of Investigation Agent Brian Sullivant found the broken door at Mr. Jiffy and notified police. Mi Pueblo’s owner found the broken glass at his smashed door and notified police.

A similar burglary occurred at Cafe Ole October 4, BPD Detective Tommy Crutcher said. The front door was smashed and the entire cash register was taken, he said. No video was available.

Police urge anyone who can provide information to contact Detective Lt. George Williford or Det. Crutcher at 563-5653.