Mary Newsom Dyson letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 29, 2011

From March 18

Children’s rewards show lack of respect

To the Editor:

I enjoy reading The Panolian twice a week. Just picked up my Tuesday’s paper and was appalled at the front page news.

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First I want to say it is very commendable that the children of Batesville Intermediate School raised $3,000 for the American Heart Association.

But what has my blood boiling is the end of the sentence saying the children were given the opportunity to throw a pie in their teacher’s face. What an absurd gesture! Who in the world came up with that idea of such disrespect? Surely someone could have come up with a reward with more appreciation.

There is no wonder that children have lost respect for authority and adults. Even in fun there should be a limit how children act toward their peers. In this case their teachers and principals. When adults get down on the children’s level, it’s hard to regain respect.

Yes, absurd. According to the New World Dictionary: “not to be heard of, unreasonable, ridiculous, lack of good judgement or common sense.”

In my opinion that description fits the occasion.

I am very disappointed in the leaders of such actions.

Me..old fashioned? No, I was just taught to respect. Regardless of competition, I would never throw a pie in the face of a police officer, a doctor, a teacher, a preacher or anyone I respected.

Mary Newsom Dyson