McCormick Letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 27, 2009

To the editor:

I would like to get some things straight from reading the comments online (and yes I have made a comment online to some of the ones ANGRY with my comments)

 First of all, I am an involved parent, the year before last I helped coach 12u girls (Guaranty Bank), I even bought the girls trophies (with no help from the bank, league or parents) and I kept score for the team and my son’s team (every year). Kept score last year for my daughter’s team also.

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I show up on clean up day to help with the clean up, I have seen print outs of where the money goes. My husband came to meetings last year but did not this year due to work. So I AM AN INVOLVED PARENT.

Secondly, the comments I made about the coaches. I did not want to point fingers at anyone (but I can name names if you would like). I did not say all the coaches I said, “most.” True, there are great coaches out there (and to those coaches, Thank You), my son has had one every year since he has played. (Brian Coker, Thank You for being that coach!)

I made a comment that many may be angry about, for what reasons (because they know it is true)? So, you may hate me and not even like me, that’s your right. But please don’t say I am not an involved parent when I am. And for those of you who are so angry about my comments, Why? After all it’s just money, right?


Crystal Bryant McCormick