Pride Letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Writer still searching for rims from local ball park


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Its’ been a few months since I wrote concerning the American Legion Park. My last letter was about the (basketball) rims at American Legion Park. This is another attempt to get the rims back. I just can’t believe that a simple problem can’t be resolved.

With this recession going full stride, people want and deserve everything that our tax money is paying for.

It’s very hard to see the park in that kind of shape although the park landscape is very good. But when I just stop and look around, it’s like the life of the park is gone. I encourage Batesville to come together and get it done. To me there’s nobody to blame. It’s a very simple matter. Let’s treat it as that.

 No more springs and summers without the rims. I plead with the officials to stop the rhetoric and get it done. Let’s not make a simple problem difficult.

/s/ Darrell Pride