Terry McCullar letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 11, 2008

Letter to the editor

‘Once we broke it we had to fix it’ says writer of ‘useless complaining’

Your editorial  [Lack of empathy in south for Iraqis, April 8] falls under the heading of useless complaining. Nothing constructive.

How are the sons and daughters of Panola County who are serving their country in Iraq supposed to feel when they read this issue? When I was making circles in the Tonkin Gulf in stage two of Mr. McNamara’s war nothing meant as much as news from home. I never saw that kind of yurple comment.

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We are approaching the 21st anniversary of the Iraqi attack on the USS Stark. Saddam said he was sorry. That was enough for you right! Only 28 lives and a few mill to repair. In June, we pass the 27th anniversary of the Israeli Air Force raid on the Osirik Nuclear facility near Baghdad. It was going “hot” in a matter of days.

March 16-17, 1988, Saddam used poison gas on Iraqi citizens in the town of Halbja, roughly 5,000 dead. Not our concern, right?

When Saddam took Kuwait and threatened the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he was poised to control 50 percent of the world’s oil supply.

Bush (41) stopped him and ended that war in 100 hours. Prematurely it seems, because Bush (43) felt sufficient justification to go in again and remove the cancer. I won’t go in to the Food for Oil scam,or the No Fly areas we had to maintain or the UN inspector follies that we went through “giving peace a chance.”

I don’t know whether Bush (43) was justified in going in, but he did.

Once we broke it we had to fix it. There are global groups with an investment in our failure in Iraq.

 From all accounts Gen.Petreaus is doing a good job. Let’s give him and our people over there our support and faith (and yes our dollars) to do the job and come home with heads held high.

As for whom to blame, blame me I voted for Bush (43) twice. Then go to the cemetery with me and explain how inconvenient this war is to one of those 4000 who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Oh, yeah, those who don’t like Chinese or Japanese merchandise aren’t forced to buy. It’s easy. Just don’t buy the product and you are relieved of all that anxiety.

/s/ Terry McCullar