Charles Galmore letter

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 1, 2008

Letter to the editor

Business owner questions uncompensated loss

Due to what we believe was an electrical surge, our local business has been closed for almost two years. This business, known as Galmore’s Body Shop, caught fire July 21, 2006. We believe it was caused by a power surge. The fire was investigated. This business has provided service for the City of Batesville since 1984. Perhaps some may be wondering why the doors have not reopened.

I want the public to know that I believe that the local electric company is in fault of this mishap but failed to compensate me. Although the business paid a substantial amount ($1,928) for insurance, [the insurance company] would not pay for the liability claims. I sometimes wonder why the companies will not compensate me for the damages incurred. Is this a racial issue? Is it because the business is owned by an African American? What is it? Why will no lawyers have the backbone to go against them? This business was a help to the community. I was fair and honest to all customers. Your business may be next!

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Charles Galmore

A concerned business owner

[Editor’s note: The Batesville Fire Department’s report from the July 21, 2006 fire at Galmore’s Body Shop states that the fire originated in an office inside the building. It identified electrical arcing as the heat source and electrical wires and cable as the item(s) that first ignited.]