Sports / Outdoors – 9/21/2004

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Panolian Sports Headlines: September 21, 2004

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Cougars Break Losing Streak
Anita Scott helps to direct the Cougars towards victory. Her brother is the Cougar band director, Warner Scott.
By Ken Daugherty
North Panola High School

The North Panola Cougars snapped a seven-game losing streak in a 34-16 route of district foe M.S. Palmer Dragons of Marks.

The losses dated back to last season when the Cougars lost the last four games of 2003 and the first three games of 2004.

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North Panola did not have to go into the dressing room with that bad feeling of losing another game last weekend.

Coach Demetrius Hill can feel good about these results and look forward to playing Independence on September 24 at Cougar Stadium.

Hill said he was very proud of the team and knew they could pull off this win.

The Cougars scored a couple of quick touchdowns right before half time. Instead of letting time run out with no score on either side, the Cougars put the offensive weapons of Larry Burdette and Dexter Thomas into action.

Of course Hurricane Ivan could have helped, but it was not needed. Thomas caught a deflected pass for a second touchdown, and the first half ended spectacularly for the Cougars with a score of 14-0.

The Dragons came out in the second half and scored a couple of touchdowns, but the Cougar defense slowed them down while the Cougar offence continued the attack. The defensive secondary was much improved, and the scoring pattern went 14 to 8, 20 to 8, 28 to 16, and finally, 34 to 16. Tecory Walton scored the last touchdown for the Cougars on a 70 -yard run.

The whole team contributed to the victory. In fact, a symphony could be heard before the football game started.

The scoreboard is not all that counts; the people who support you do, too.

Congratulations to the Cougar supporters and players!

Coach Demetrius Hill, Coach Samuel Griffin, and Coach Sean Norwood said they are looking forward to playing Independence on September 24 at Cougar Stadium. The Cougars are back!

Rev. Vernardo Sandridge predicted the Cougars would win before the game started. Even the preacher was behind the Cougars in this one.

Green Wave Remain Undefeated
By Angie Ledbetter
Contributing Writer

The AA Green Wave scored a decisive victory over AAA Magnolia Heights Chiefs Friday, September 17.

The Green Wave improved to 5-0 with a 35-21 victory over one of its biggest rivals of the year. The Green Wave handed the Chiefs their second straight loss of the season before a huge supporting crowd from each school.

There was standing room only along the sidelines and the stands were packed to watch this game between the two teams go down in the history book one more time.

Only this time, the Green Wave would go down in the history book as the top performer. The majority of this Green Wave team had never beaten the Chiefs before, except in their junior high games. For the last three years, the Chiefs went down in the history book as the winner but not this Friday.

Magnolia Heights had possession of the ball to begin the game. They drove the ball down the field and on a two-yard run to the endzone by Jonathan Ferguson. But it looked as if the Chiefs fumbled the ball going into the endzone, but the officials ruled a touchdown for the first score of the night with 5:32 on the clock. The extra point was good by Jacob Warren.
With 1:06 left in the first quarter, the Green Wave were facing a fourth and 10 with the ball on the Chiefs’ 25. The Green Wave went for the first down, but the ball was intercepted by Jeffrey Reed who fumbled it. Brandon Ciaramitaro recovered it for the Green Wave.

The first quarter ended with the Green Wave down 7-0 .

After that, the Green Wave took no prisoners. At the 11:21 mark of the second quarter, Dustin Maples scored on a 14-yard run and Jonathan Shedd’s kick was good to tie the game 7-7.

Former South Panola standout Mario Bobo, No. 6, got the starting nod at cornerback for the Mississippi State Bulldogs Saturday against Maine.
The Bulldogs lost in the last two minutes 9-7 and will be on JP Sports Saturday to play LSU in the Swamp in Baton Rouge.
Tigers Squash Hornets 63-12
SP Racks up 509 Yards on the Ground
South Panola backup quarterback Kareem Carr dodges a possible sack by the Greenville-Wesson defender. Carr replaced quarterback Derek Pegues who left the game with a bruised thigh. Carr was the leading Tiger rusher with 134 yards on eight carries and one touchdown.
Obnoxious Fan Dealt
     Mississippi Justice
By Ted Smith
Guest Columnist

Many years ago when I took my two young sons to their first Ole Miss football game at Memorial Stadium in Jackson, I didn’t anticipate them getting an education in Mississippi Justice.

But they did.

It was an ideal night for football… cool… clear… and loud. The stadium was packed out when we settled into our Section P/Row 55 seats, only to have our attention drawn down to row 4 where a burley, 6-foot-five, 250 pound young drunk was already getting the award for the most obnoxious fan in our section.

He was standing up waving a glass of brown liquid. Clowning big time. His drunken antics had already caught the full attention of Section P.

Then, he dumped some of his drink on a little man sitting in front of him and laughed about it. The little old man stood up, took off his formal straw "go-to-meeting hat"… observed the liquor on it, brushed it off and then started easing out of his seat toward the center aisle.

Now, let me tell you about this little guy… he was a dead ringer for a seasoned longshoreman. Or you could imagine him being a grizzled old captain of a shrimp boat out of Biloxi. His 65th birthday had long passed him by and the gulf sun had already had a go at his Italian face, making him "swarthy."

He appeared calm as he got to the center aisle. He stepped up one row and began pushing into the center toward the drunk.

Section P got quiet.

His straw hat was pointed straight ahead and headed toward the drunk. Shortly they stood side by side… Goliath and little swarthy David.

Little David said something to Goliath. Goliath laughed and poked my longshoreman in the chest with his index finger.

A Big mistake.

When my swarthy little man’s meaty fist hit the drunk, it was square in the face causing whisky, teeth and slobber to explode from the reeling drunk. The blow seemed to lift the guy up two feet. He crashed backwards into the scrambling nearby fans. He found it difficult getting back to his feet…sputtering and cursing.
"Swarthy Man" stood his ground calmly watching like a man who was no novice to such confrontations and thought nothing of them.

In what seemed seconds, Jackson’s men in blue pushed into the row and grabbed up both men and starting taking them out.

Another deathly silence took hold of Section P… for a moment.

Then… as if programmed… the entire section realized a great injustice was about to take place right before our eyes.

Pandemonium broke out… The crowd began to yell at the policemen… trying to stop what was happening.

To my great surprise, the policemen both stopped… looked at each other… then turned the two men around facing the crowd in Section P. Then one of the policemen held his palm over the head of the drunk. A deafening "boooo" from the thousands resulted. Then the other policeman held his palm over "Swarthy Man." Hand clapping and ear splitting cheers rang out.

The policemen motioned for the little man to return to his seat and enjoy the game.

I love living in Mississippi!

Somehow I don’t think this incident could have happened in New Jersey.

And…by the way…Ole Miss won!