Headlines – 6/18/2004

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 18, 2004

Panolian Headlines: June 18, 2004

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Brasher Honored for 30 Years of Business
John Brasher was presented this plaque for 30 years of business as owner of Treasurer Loans.

State steps up to help those
losing Medicaid coverage

State Representative Warner McBride (l) went around the local area explaining to pharmacists and medical personnel about the Medicaid Reform Act of 2004. Thursday morning McBride explained to Medicap pharmacist Todd Johnson the provisions for Medicaid customers in the act.
By Myra Bean
Community Editor

The letters sent out by Medicaid to recipients have gotten citizens across the state up in arms and ready to go to battle.

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Mostly, the people who depend upon Medicaid to pay for their hundreds of dollars worth of medicine each month are panicking.

Medicaid sent out letters declaring a cutoff date of July 1 to about 65,000 people across the state.

However, the letter failed to explain the state legislature has a plan in place to pay for the medicine Medicaid will no longer provide.

State legislator Warner McBride said people are upset because they have a lack of information regarding the Medicaid Reform Act of 2004.

McBride spent this week going to local pharmacies and medical personnel clinics and offices to hand out a copy of the act and to explain what will be provided for Medicaid recipients.

Todd Johnson of Medicap Pharmacy told McBride he did not know about the provisions the act made the Medicaid recipients who will be cut off.

"We are not here to hurt people with their healthcare," McBride said. "We want to make sure people have an understanding of the act."
The Medicare Reform Act of 2004 provides for those with limited monthly incomes.

"There are two categories of people in the Poverty Level Aged and Disabled (PLADs) program who will move to Medicare on July 1, 2004: those under 100 percent and 135 percent of poverty.

"Those below 100 percent of poverty have an income less than $776 per month for an individual or less than $1048 per month for a couple. Those between 100 percent and 135 percent of poverty have an income of $776-$1048 per month for an individual or income of $1048-$1406 per month for a couple.

"People with an income of less than 100 percent of poverty who are moving to Medicare will have: NO premiums, NO deductibles, and NO co-pays for health services."

The co-pay would be $15 and each person has a $1200 one time credit toward medicine purchases. When that $1200 is used up, then discount cards with the co-pay would kick in.

Whether the cutoff will be July 1 or not, according to McBride, the legislature is talking about going back into special session to possibly move the cutoff date to Oct. 1, 2004. McBride will know this week if a special session will be called June 28.

For more information, call the local representatives and senator at Senator Nolan Mettetal, (662) 487-1512; Representative Leonard Morris, (662) 563-3553; and Representative Warner McBride, (662) 563-7314.


Bogus Merchandise Busts Continue
Three More Merchants Found Peddling Fakes
Detectives with the Batesville Police Department have collected more than $10,000 worth of bogus merchandise from six businesses in the city. Pictured with some of the merchandise are: (kneeling) Paul Shivers, (back l to r) Lee Marvin, George Williford and Michael Downs.
By Jason C. Mattox
News Editor

Three more stores have been busted by the Batesville Police Department for selling counterfeited items.

Ebony, Dynyles and Small Change all had bogus merchandise for sale at the stores. Xtreme Tan, World Beauty Supply and P&H store were previously hit for selling the illegal goods.

"We’ve got so much stuff from all of the stores that we ran out of room in our evidence vault," Detective Michael Downs said.

Downs said the Batesville Police Department was informed that several local stores were selling "knock-offs" and the decision was made to contact J. Keith Haney, a trademark infringement specialist from Memphis. Haney is contracted by large name-brand companies such as Coach, Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Rocca Wear, Ecko and Fendi to help ward off counterfeit sales.

"We got him to come down and help us go through the stores with us," Downs said. "He took one look and told us what was fake and what wasn’t."

Merchandise confiscated from the six locations included NFL and NBA throw back jerseys, Starter jackets, Polo jeans shoes, caps, shorts, belts and pocket books.

"I would say we confiscated anywhere from $10 – $12,000 in counterfeited merchandise," Downs said.

Downs said the BPD is looking for the creators of the bogus merchandise.

"We do not have any suspects right now, but we are looking at it hard to find who is moving all of this into Batesville and Panola County.

If anyone suspects stores are selling counterfeit merchandise call BPD, 565-5653.

County Native Plays in
     World Series of Poker

By Jason C. Mattox
News Editor

One former Panola County resident took his love of Texas Hold ’em poker from an internet hobby to a spot in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Nev.

Larry Melton, who grew up in Panola County, played in the World Series of Poker for a day and a half.

"To be perfectly honest," he said. "I didn’t really think I would make it past the first day."

Melton, who said he hadn’t played poker constantly since he left Panola County, had his interest in the game peeked again while watching the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel.

"While I was watching it, they were running a lot of commercials for these free internet sites you could go on and play," he said.

Melton said he played on the free poker sites for approximately six months.

"I started playing the free games on and they were advertising a tournament where the top two players would get seats in the World Series of Poker."