Opinion – 5/9/2003

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 9, 2003

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What About Instituting Limits on Whining Time?

I’ve already started whining … about the humidity.

People are going to get sick of hearing me do that so I think I need to set a specific length of time to whine then stop it.

That wouldn’t be a bad idea for a lot of things we all whine about. Set aside some whining time, then get over it.

I’m sure many of our friends and family would be grateful.

But for now, I’m still going to whine. June 1 sounds like a good cutoff date though somehow I think there will be good cause to complain all summer long.

If you’ve never experienced life outside the humidity zone, you just can’t believe the difference low humidity can make.

Growing up in the Mid-South I never knew the difference … not for any length of time anyway … and certainly not during the dog days of summer.

But when I moved to the Texas Panhandle I couldn’t believe it. No sweat … I mean, perspiration.

Sunday was when it really hit me. I went to the barn to ride – and muck out J.J.’s stall – when I started getting drenched.

The worst part about it is my head. Talk about a bad hair day … it looked like I ?d just gotten out of the shower.

Later in the week I called a friend at the paper in Pampa and jokingly told her I was moving back.

And, that is a joke because I REALLY do like it here. For lots of reasons. One being how friendly people are … even compared to Texas. And folks have better manners here, too.

Well, there was this one woman who blessed me out for being on hand and taking pictures at the tragic murder scene in Courtland.

At least I had a reason to be there and wasn’t just a gawker like her. I was doing this job so I could report to all you the sad facts of what had happened. It was what most people wanted to know about.


Sorry, I digressed.

Back to my weather-whining story.

So, what did my Texas friend have to say about my humidity complaint?

She started whining, too.

"You just wouldn’t believe all this wind we’re having … it’s awful."

So, I guess it goes to prove the adage that the grass isn’t always greener …

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