An Angel in the dollar store parking lot

Published 3:53 pm Wednesday, July 31, 2019

By Sherry Hopkins

Community Columnis

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Editor’s Note: This is the first of a two-part article.

Many stories, poems, old wives tales and songs have been written about Angels. Some folks believe, some do not. I fall into the first category.

The Bible has many references to Angels that have acted as messengers, bringing warnings, or judgment or news of great joy. As in the Angel who came to Mary and Joseph to announce the birth of Jesus.

I have often heard people say they have a guardian Angel that looks down on them and stands at protective mode over the believers life. These people are referring most instances to someone in their life who has died.

My favorite Angel scripture is from Hebrews 12:2 and says,”Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained Angels.” (NKJV)  What a beautiful thought.

These past 10 days Dear Don and I have had five separate encounters with Angels. I know you are now shaking your head and saying to yourself how could that be?

This is the story about one of those encounters.

Late in the afternoon Dear Don was home alone as I had gone to town for groceries. I get a phone call from him in the middle of my shopping and he said he has had the most remarkable phone call. I finish my errands, and called him back to get the details.

A woman had called from two hours south east of here to say she and her sister follow Dear Don and I through this column. She is a faithful reader and has committed facts of our life to memory. She would be heading this way and wanted us to meet her at the Pope exit Dollar General Store at 8:30. She is bringing supplies, Dear Don aid. Supplies? Yes, she said coffee, toilet paper, bread, potatoes, onions, frozen meat,etc.

As Dear Don relayed this to me I was thinking this lady is a nut. This is a scam. She is going to fleece us in the parking lot of the dollar store.

But, nut or not, we meet her indeed at the appointed time. When we arrived she was already there and completely surrounding her car were bags and bags of supplies. Practical things that anybody could use at anytime. She is not a nut, and this dear readers, is no scam.

She exclaimed as we get out, “So you’re Dear Don!” Hugs ensued. And to me she said, “You are tall. I didn’t picture you as tall.”

As she explained each bag and we moved them from her car to ours she looked at me each time saying, “You are so tall.”

“Would you like me to take my shoes off?” I asked.

“No” she replies “it won’t help.”

Like a flash she was gone, having deposited her bounty. She loves us she said, and her sister loves us too. She’ll be back she said. Be ready!

As we drove away that morning through tears we both agreed that we had just had a real encounter with a real Angel. Perhaps we actually saw Jesus in that parking lot.

It was a turning point in our lives, at that moment, for us both.

Later that evening she called and asked lots of questions about our life because she wanted to know the best way to help us in the future.

Who was this woman in her white Buick that came and went like a butterfly, spreading joy and beauty?

We hope to someday be able to pay forward  all the kindness  shown to us during these trying times. I hope to someday minister to those that need it for the only reason I should.

That would be to honor the God who created me, loves me and protects me. The God who sends his messengers to me when they are most needed.

I believe in Angels. Next week I will tell you about four more.

Stay tuned.

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