Are zebras taking the fun out of football?

Published 4:44 pm Wednesday, November 28, 2018

By Brad Greer

Is it just me of is officiating in college and professional football getting worse every week?

While I don’t watch the pros on Sunday like I do college games, i’ve noticed almost every week there is some controversial call that either changes the outcome of a game or plays a major outcome in  the end.

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I’m tired of the old cliche  ‘“their human, they all make mistakes.” Hogwash. Not when there is instant replay that is supposed to  “get it right” and rarely does.

How can every person in America that’s sitting at home see the same thing that a guy in the replay booth sees, and still manages to get it wrong?

One good example of this incompetence was the incomplete call on Ole Miss wide receiver A.J.Brown’s would-be game-winning touchdown catch in the Rebels overtime loss at Vanderbilt last week.

The replay showed numerous times Brown having complete control of the ball even as his entire body hit the ground. This to me is a double standard since the ground can not cause a fumble.

Fast forward a week later and the same officiating crew was in charge of the fiasco at College Station as Texas A&M came away with a wild 74-72 seven overtime win over LSU.

For the fans that happened to stay up and watch it, they saw horrendous calls made on both teams including a catch by A&M on a 4th &18 that was caught two yards short of the first down marker, but still was ruled a first down.

Texas A&M would score the game-tying touchdown on the next play to send the game into overtime.

Totally IMO, something is stinking in Birmingham (home of the SEC league office). I’m sure both LSU and Texas A&M will both get a heartfelt  “apology” from commissioner Greg Sanky and that will be the end of it until next time it happens.

I have noticed that some team (one with a red elephant for its mascot) doesn’t have to worry about questionable calls their way in crucial games.

To me it’s really gotten to be a total joke and something needs to be done about it, but probably never will.