Batesville Municipal Court 4/17/2015

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 17, 2015

City judge sends two alleged shooters to grand jury

By Emily Williams
Two men were referred to the grand jury during Batesville Municipal Court held Wednesday for aggravated assault for allegedly shooting a man in the back.
Lyndon Mosley Jr., 331 Greg Taylor Rd., Batesville, and Ocxavious Poole, 225 Butler Rd., Batesville, were both charged with aggravated assault by using a firearm to shoot a man in the back on Tubbs Road on March 27.
“I didn’t do it,” Mosley said loudly as he approached the bench.
The judge asked Mosley about his old fines of $1,216 due since March 2015.
“I’ll just sit it out til my court date,” Mosley said as he yawned.
McKenzie appointed David Walker as Mosley’s attorney and set a preliminary hearing for April 29.
Poole also had old fines of $1,347.25. His parents stood beside him as the judge explained probable cause hearing procedures.
Poole’s preliminary hearing was also set for April 29.
James T. Thomas Jr., 1111 471 Hwy., Brandon, had a case continued for possession of controlled substance (seven grams of individually packed meth) with intent and careless driving on April 5.
Kevin Horan is representing Thomas.
Eric S. Heafner, 187 Morrow Rd., Courtland, had a case for malicious mischief dismissed after the affiant, Thomas Graham failed to appear to prosecute. He was referred to the grand jury for felony possession of controlled substance (two counts), switched tag and no turn signal. He was ordered to pay old fines of $1,000 for contempt of court by Friday.
Detrailous Webster, 2585-A Chapeltown Rd., Courtland, was told to have his old fines of $428 paid in full within 15 days or serve time in jail. His fines have been due since July 2014.
Billy Lewellen, 226 Eureka St., Batesville, entered a guilty plea to domestic violence-simple assault (second offense). After the judge read Lewellen his charges he replied, “I did slap her, but I didn’t kick her. I lifted my foot, but didn’t kick her.”
He was fined $647.
After a trial with Officer Greg Jones entering video evidence, Jarmarlin Ladd, 1105-B Hawkins Rd., Courtland, had a public drunk charge amended to a disorderly conduct charge.
The video showed Ladd and his aunt arguing over a beer after the officer pulled them over.
Ladd testified loudly in court that he hadn’t had much to drink that night.
In the video footage shown the the court, Ladd’s screaming and crying about the beer he didn’t want to purchase for his aunt.
“It’s clearly disorderly conduct,” the judge ruled.
“If you would learn to close your mouth, you may not be here,” the judge said.
Ladd was fined $225.
Lashuna S. McMiller, 98 Will Stewart Rd., Batesville, failed to appear to answer charges for disorderly conduct-failure to comply and old fines of $987 due since February 2015.
 Toward A. Sanford, 180 Ruby Rd., Courtland, was fined $1,515 for possession of marijuana in a vehicle, expired tag and no proof of insurance.
Latifah L. Ellis, 410 Armstrong, Batesville, had simple assault (two counts) dismissed after the affiants, Dorothy Weeks and Denice Watters failed to appear to prosecute. Ellis had new charges for speeding and no driver’s license.
Sergio F. Ceron, 1903 Anderson Rd., Oxford, entered a guilty plea to DUI-second (other) and driving while license suspended, possession of paraphernalia and improper equipment. He was fined $1,933.
Nicholas Pittman, 870 Plum Rd., Grenada, failed to appear to answer charges for disorderly conduct-failure to comply and shoplifting from Dress Barn. Al Williams Bonding was notified.
Montrell Toliver, 453 Bill Wallace Rd., Sardis, entered a not guilty plea to shoplifting boots from Walmart.
The judge told Toliver to read the shoplifting laws before returning to court for trial April 29.
Kala Lester, 263 Blanche St., Jonestown, had a warrant issued for her arrest for shoplifting after she failed to appear in court a third time.
Anthony Harris Jr., 126 Field St., Batesville, entered the city’s work program for 55 days in lieu of paying $3,191 in old fines due since March 2013. He was referred to the grand jury for possession of controlled substance with intent.
During a case set for trial, Larry Hinton, 2132-A Goodhope, Batesville, was found guilty of simple assault  charges filed by affiant, Willie Draper.
Draper told the judge Hinton hit him in the chest at Jiffy on Hwy. 6 on February 21.
Draper submitted video evidence.
Draper also told the judge he had hospital bills of $1,421.42 due to having chest pains the following day.
Hinton and Draper were in court May and ordered to stay away from each other.
Hinton was ordered to pay restitution along with his fine of $328.
The judge also made a new order saying the two need to “stay away from each other.”

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