Batesville Municipal Court 5/30/2014

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 30, 2014

Shoplifting convictions draw fines in Batesville Municipal Court

By Emily D. Williams

Eight people appeared in Batesville City Court Wednesday on shoplifting charges. 

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Six of the defendants admitted their guilt, but two, Ulysses A. Key, 522 Edgefield St., Water Valley, and Charles Raspberry, 2CR, Oxford, told Judge Bill McKenzie they weren’t guilty of stealing car and lawn mower batteries from Walmart on May 14.

Raspberry’s trial was continued so that he can acquire legal representation, but he appeared as a witness for Key, who told the judge he was not trying to steal anything.

A Walmart employee who had video evidence of both men taking the batteries testified he saw them put the batteries in their buggy. He said he then saw them go into the greeting card aisle and place the batteries in Walmart bags.

Surveillance video footage showed both Key and Raspberry walk through a check out line with no cashier and try to exit the store as they pushed their buggy.

The Walmart employee told the judge Key seemed to work with Raspberry as a “look out man.” In the video played in court Key appeared to be watching as Raspberry put the batteries in the buggy.

Raspberry told the judge he’d been asked by a man named “John,” whom he had met while fishing, to take the batteries  to his truck. 

After an interchange of confusing testimony from the two defendants, the judge ruled Key was guilty and fined him $1,131.

Raspberry’s case was continued.

Other shoplifting cases

Shelby Mothershed, 802 Sardis Lake, Batesville, entered a guilty plea for shoplifting $78 worth of items from Walmart. Mothershed was fined $1,131.

Amber Baker, 171 A Harman, Batesville was sentenced to 30 days in jail after entering a guilty plea to shoplifting (second offense) for stealing two pounds of ground chuck worth $9.08 from Save A Lot. “It’s time to stop stealing. Next time you going to the penitentiary,” McKenzie said. She was fined $1,131. 

Charles E. Rudd, 3946 Eureka Road, Batesville entered a guilty plea to shoplifting two packs of ribs worth $13.98 on May 24 from Save A Lot. He entered the city work program for 20 days in lieu of paying $1,131 in fines. “If you steal again get ready to go to jail,” McKenzie warned. 

LaKenya R. Smith, 327 Bayou Blvd., Vicksburg, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting from Walmart on May 24. He was fined $1,131.

Monica Thomas, 3778 Cottonplant Rd.,Batesville, entered a guilty plea for shoplifting head bands, eyelashes, jewelry, tank tops and other items worth $145 from Walmart on May 23. She entered the work program in lieu of paying $1,131 in fines.

Princess Thomas, 1526 Corning Avenue, Apartment 4, Memphis entered a guilty plea for shoplifting from Walmart. She was fined $1,131.

Defendants who were guilty of shoplifting from Walmart were told they are banned from all Walmarts nationwide.

Grand jury

Tavis Steel, 311 Lincoln, Sardis, was bound over to the grand jury for felony fleeing, resisting arrest, reckless driving, no proof of insurance, and improper equipment. He requested a bond reduction from his original $5,000. 

After Detective George Williford explained to the judge they have had problems with him running in the past, his request was denied.

Other cases

Shanique Burdette, 1173 Edwards Road, Sardis,  not guilty plea to contributing to the delinquency of a minor by leaving an 11 year old child alone without checking on the child. A trial was set for next Wednesday. Burdette also had old fines of $193.75 due since December 2013. “You are going to jail if this fine is not paid,” the judge said. 

Reginald Williams, 432 tubs, Batesville, was fined $434 after entering a guilty plea to simple possession of marijuana.

Chelsey Ellis, 68 Rudd Rd., Sardis, entered a not guilty plea to domestic violence/ simple assault by hitting Corey Edwards with a bat and her fist causing bodily injury on May 24 at Cracker Barrel. 

“ I was defending myself,” Ellis said. 

A trial was set for June 18 and Corey Edwards was subpoenaed. 

Police on the city’s behalf told the judge they had a witness who would be there for the trial.

Contempt of Court

Darius Joel Johnson, 6684 CR 224, Water Valley, entered work program for 21 days in lieu of paying $632 for disorderly conduct-failure to comply.

Chris McFarling, 15 Five Rd., Batesville, entered the work program for 14 days in lieu of paying fines for disorderly conduct-failure to comply by running from police officers. He had an improper equipment charge dismissed after he proved to the judge his tail light was fixed. 

Eric Roper, 809 Carr Ave., Clarksdale, paid $505 in full prior to court for contempt of court-old fines.

Mondarious Armstead, 4238.Curtis Rd., Batesville, paid $4,586.75 in full prior to court for contempt of court-failure to pay old fines.

Simple assault

During a case set for trial defendants who cross filed simple assault charges against each other were both found guilty after testimony. 

Latashia House, 306 Arizona, Batesville, was fined $313 for simple assualt filed by affiant Latoya Fondren and Latoya Fondren, 18 Earnestine Turner Rd., Batesville, was fined $313 for simple assault filed by affiant Latashia House. 

Both Fondren and House admitted hitting each other. 

“Maybe if y’all pay some fines then maybe y’all will learn to get along,” the judge ruled.


Abdullah Alsanai Mohamed, 351 Panola Ave., Batesville, was fined $511 for driving while license suspended, no proof of insurance and careless driving.