Wisdom of a lifetime passed to children

Published 5:07 pm Wednesday, May 8, 2024

By Mary Murphy
New Enon Community
Dear Mother,
It has been a long time since we have spoken to each other. When you were with us,
your beauty was always a light that shone bright.
The lady I remember, always looked after others, when you needed so much attention
yourself. After learning of your illness, as a teenager, with very little understanding of
your worth in my life was heartbreaking. Missing you so much by not humbling myself to
a woman who loves the Lord who gave herself to those she dearly loved.
The wisdom you put into us, in your lifetime, was passed on to your children and
grandchildren, you would have been very proud. Mother, your spirit lives within your
sons and daughters.
You taught us to be kind and respectful to others young and old. You loved music, your
son Elvage played the guitar, Delaire played the clarinet, your youngest, Terance
played the bass guitar, Benjamin (deceased) wrote poetry. I still have not learned to
play the piano. It’s never too late to find the music within.
I miss what could have been, because like many young ladies, we thought we knew
better than our mothers. I miss that part of life because you left us at such a young age.
But your foundation was put into your children through prayer and sacrifice of many
loved ones.

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