Four days getting Annabel Lee out of the ditch

Published 9:37 am Friday, August 11, 2023

Congratulations to Ann Shankle for her 65 years of service at Security Bank. I can keep up with the number of years that she has been at the bank because that is the number of years I have been teaching. We both started in 1958. Thank goodness we still have the ability to still work.

My students keep me on my toes. Most are adults who have yearned to play piano all their lives. I have written a streamline course that doesn’t take forever. Adults do not have time to go back and study traditional music: My oldest student is 77 and doing well.

Ann, keep on keeping on, and I will too.

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Mt Olivet had the blessing of school supplies on Sunday afternoon. Once again, I am amazed at the amount that we, as a small church, brought. Also, the blessing box that is outside, and has non-perishable Items, seems to have been used.

Many people feel embarrassed to ask for help, the blessing box is open 24/3, in the privacy of the awning between the church and Family Life Center. We need things such as baby food, non-perishable canned goods like vegetables, soups, and canned meat like tuna and salmon.

Any church can start one. The men of the church built a beautiful wooden box with a silver glass front. It needs to be secured down to keep vandals from stealing it. It also needs to be in a place out of the weather and not visible.

When the idea came up to build one, I was skeptical, because I didn’t think anyone would come way out in the country. We keep a little inventory and we can tell that it has been used. We do not know who or when.

Well, one phase of the election is over. I hope some of the candidates can take a deep breath and others keep on keeping on for the next part.

Last week was one of the most interesting weeks that I have had in a long time. Early Wednesday my nephew came by. He had to remove part of a car bumper that was blocking my drive. When he looked down in the little ditch, partially covered with a big limb that blew off during the tornado in March, there was a dead deer. It was just behind my mailbox. It was obscured from. the highway and also people entering my drive.

I thought the solution was to call the state Highway Department. I got a quick no. They do not remove dead animals off the highway anymore. That’s why you see the animals by the side of the highway, swelled in the heat, ready to decay, and buzzards having a field day.

Next, I called the county. I was told that they do not have the equipment. Next, I called the game warden for advice. He gave me what I thought was a smart alec answer. “Oh, just let it lay there and it’ll rot in about two weeks.”

I thought, probably more like two months, since she was in the ditch, partially covered with the limb and away from the sun. I can’t envision not going to the mailbox for two weeks because of the smell.

I knew I could count on my children, but they both work in Memphis and do not get home until almost dark. Greg assured me that he could get the deer, but they were tied up until Saturday. Wow, that’s four days away! In the meantime, I was offered all kinds of suggestions. But they never offered any manpower.

In the meantime, I named the deer Annabel Lee. Annabel Lee was the last complete poem written by American author Edgar Allen Poe. Like most of his poems it explores the death of a beautiful woman. She was a beautiful specimen and I imagine she could hold her own in a deer beauty pageant.

I saw Annabel many times while going to the mailbox. She began exuding her own type of perfume. I put a mask on and held my breath while checking my mail.

Saturday came, and not too soon, Greg got down in the ditch and removed the large branch that she seemed to be hugging. Working carefully, he put some type of straps around her two front feet. I was afraid that all this time she was going to come apart. I stood way back, so I did not know what type of equipment he had, but it was some type of pulley.

It brought her straight out of the ditch. and on the driveway. Next, he loaded her and took her to Traywick Hill for a proper burial. Whomever hit her was able to keep on going because we never saw a disabled car on the highway:

I hope you don’t find this a rotten story. I wanted you to learn what the state and county cannot do. Maybe some newly elected politicians can get this on their agenda. Anyway, Annabel Lee is gone. Kind of miss the old gal, but not for long.

Ponder this: In the end, it’s not the years in your life that counts; it’s the life in your years – Abraham Lincoln.

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