I-55 bridge repair not fit for highway speeds

Published 2:52 am Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Dear Editor,

It’s time to get on the road, and by this I mean drive I-55 from Batesville to Pope Exit round trip.

The so-called bridge repairs over Long Creek have left an unacceptable surface for a high speed Interstate Highway.

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They have repaired one lane so far, and are now working on the adjacent lanes.

The finished product is un-level, with dips and dives, and not fit to travel at any speed above a farm tractor, and almost as rough as to require one.

At first glance I thought maybe this was a sub surface that would be overlaid at some point, however this doesn’t seem possible, as the current finish is level with the existing highway surface (about the only level spot), and any overlay will be a hump!

If the lanes now under construction are completed with the same issues, there will surely be horrific wrecks on these bridges when traffic is allowed to resume normal Interstate speeds; somewhere in the 80 plus MPH.

I realize that lot’s of folks know this, and it’s time to speak up before that hazard is left as is. Alternative might be to add a second EVAC Helicopter, and enlarge the Trauma Center at the hospital; cause it will surely be needed!

Happy Holidays.

Dwight Bridges