Melted down and put back in circulation

Published 4:04 pm Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Mt. Olivet News

Produce is coming in with all our growers in and around Mt. Olivet. Both Todd and Paul Franklin once again have their stand across the highway from E.C. Moore’s grocery. They are open Thursday thru Saturday until about 3 p.m.

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Pauline McCullar has her same peach stand location on Hwy. 6 across from Popeyes. She has been there for many years with her tasty peaches. Two hail storms got about 50 percent of the crop this year and a late frost killed more. She still has good-tasting peaches even with the weather being mild in the winter and not enough “chill time” for some to fully develop.

It’s crepe myrtle time again. The most beautiful crepe myrtle contest was won last year by the little one behind Taco Bell. It is a beautiful white color that seems to bloom earliest and more prolific.

Send me a text of the prettiest crepe myrtle you know about, with the address so we won’t get the same entry twice, and we will, hopefully, let the readers decide where the best crepe myrtle is in Panola County. I will ask the editor and I’m sure he will let us run the photos of the prettiest ones.

While driving down Main Street in Sardis I saw so many beautiful ones recently. Please send photos of the best one until Sept. 15 when the contest closes. My text number is at the bottom of this article.

The board at Mt. Olivet Methodist has decided to curtail service in the sanctuary again and only have on Facebook. We probably had a month of services in the sanctuary and we really enjoyed that time. Tithes and offerings can be mailed to Cindy Prince. Contact me for her address.

There is a sign on the register of Dollar General stating that the U.S. Treasury is short on coins and can you please use the correct change if possible. I asked the cashier if they were told why the treasury is short, but she said they were not told.

I thought about an interesting legend about Sir Oliver Cromwell. He was an English general and statesman who ruled the British Isle in the 16th century. When their treasury was short on gold he had his men search the Cathedral to see if there might be some gold there.

When the men reported back that the only gold to be found was in the statues of the saints, Cromwell promptly ordered the statues be melted down so the gold could be put back into circulation.

I thought about how many of our modern day saints in our churches need to be melted down so they can be put back into circulation.

According to WMC TV the mosquito index is high in the Mid-South this week. The Farmer’s Almanac suggests a paste of baking soda and water to stop the itching if bitten. Another remedy, given to me by a friend, is dot the bite with clear nail polish.

Please don’t use red polish lest people think you have the measles.

According to the almanac, other remedies are ice, meat tenderizer, white vinegar, lemon juice, and a paste of garlic. Also, the book says, it’s not all mosquitoes that feed on blood. The male mosquito drinks only nectar, whereas female mosquitoes nourish their developing eggs with protein rich blood.

To that end, the female mosquitoes bite the ankles and wrists where blood vessels are nearest to the skin’s surface. Ever notice where you get bitten? It must be the female mosquitoes that eat on me when I am outside. Though it is race, mosquito saliva can also carry encephalitis, malaria, West Nile virus, and yellow fever. So be careful.

I am so happy to have my neighbor, Pat Boucot, home from the hospital after sustaining a broken hip. Her brother, Don Jenness, and niece Lois Elliot from Vermont will be here staying for two weeks. Don is planning to spend the winter months in Mississippi and return to Vermont during summer here, and maybe retire next year.

I talked to Janet Ware from my beloved church at Black Jack today, and they are not having regular church, nor will they be able to have Homecoming or revival. They will meet on Sept. 13 to decide further meetings.

Will we get out of the habit of going to church on Sundays whenever it is safe to go again?

Send me your story or photos of the best crepe myrtle you see for the contest. Cell phone number is 901-828-8824. You can also email to