TViFiber fast as greased lightning

Published 2:43 pm Thursday, June 18, 2020

Muffler Shop Musings

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Howdy friends!

Wel, here it is mid-June with summer on the way. Our Mississippi weather will be turning up the heat before we know it, and those old dog days will be up on us.

I had the new TVIfiber folks come hook me up at the shop a few days ago. They installed my internet, shop phone, and my fax phone all together.

After all these years I was able to tell AT&T goodbye and that I have moved on with a more superior service.

As I have stated before, I prefer spending my money in my community and if a local company is as good or better than out-of-town competitors then that is where I am going every time.

The internet service TVEPA is providing through their TVIfiber is a big deal around here. The world is continuously evolving, and we should have every perk of high speed communication available to us, in my opinion.

If anything, the pandemic has taught us that our children and grandchildren’s education will rely more and more on outside the classroom instruction in the future.

I appreciate a local company such as TVEPA that has the foresight to see that the times they are a changing, and they have made a committed investment in the future of our community – our future is our children and their education should be our number one priority.

In my conversations with Wayne Williams of TVIfiber I compared him to Mr. George Randolph. He respectfully and humbly declined to be compared in the same manner to such a great and important man to our community.

I explained to him how I knew Mr. George all my life and he was a valued friend and customer of my Daddy and mine all through the years.

I did not have a clue what a huge asset Mr. George was to our area until a few years ago when The Panolian printed the article about him and his great accomplishments of how he went house to house, farm to farm and convinced his friends and neighbors to sign on to this fledgling little member owned power company.

Mr. George Randolph lit us all up.

I explained to Wayne how he could be known as The Mr. George of the 21st Century. While Mr. George, God rest his soul, worked tirelessly to help our area get lights, Wayne in turn, is the man that will give rural folks the world wide web.

It is such an important job he has in this day and age we are living in now.

In the coming decades it is vital that our children have the best, state of the art internet service available. The rest of the country may look down their noses at North Mississippi from time to time, but they better believe we are not second best to anyone or any city.

Our children deserve the best available internet service to further their education and their careers, and I believe TVEPA and TVIfiber will accomplish this monumental feat.

I believe in bragging on local folks when they do good and friends, and I will tell you, the TVIfiber internet is fast as greased lightning. Be sure to get it hooked it up when it comes down your road.