Feeling blessed and guilty upon turning 83

Published 12:06 pm Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Among all of the cancellations as of recent because of the coronavirus, the 65th class reunion of the Batesville High School Class of 1955 has been cancelled.

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This reunion was to be held at Burns Bar-B-Que in Sardis on April 14. Rightfully so since each range in age from 82 to 84, respectively.

I was a member of that graduating class. We have become one of the closet classes that I have known for all of these 65 years. As we get older and lose members, we cling to each other and treasure every six months when we have our mini-reunions.

These mini-reunions bring back bittersweet memories, as today. As I write, it is my 83rd birthday (March 23). In September, 1949, five insecure 7th grade students were bussed to Batesville, having graduated from the 6th grade at Mt. Olivet School, located on the property now owned by Elizabeth Browning.

The five students were Wayne Tidwell, Preston Tidwell, Jonell Robinson, Mary Quay Tidwell, and I. Sadly, we have lost Wayne and Preston over the last few years.

There were 55 members of that 1955 class, and the surviving members are scattered from California, Texas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, as well as other parts in Mississippi. The health of each of us was the reason for the cancellation.

I feel blessed and guilty. When someone asks me about the changes over these 83 years, the thing that disturbs me the most is the breakdown of the family unit.

That one thing brings about apathy toward religion, respect for the law, and respect for the country. Modern technology is another change that has given me the most frustration.

I have gone from no television or telephone in the 50 to ‘trying’ to work computers, cell phones, and so many household gadgets that there is no place to put them. These are all supposed to save us time, but where does the time go?

Our pastor, Bro. Charles Reed, gave the 11 o’clock service at Mt. Olivet Methodist this Sunday by Facebook. Now that’s a real change! I’m not on facebook (that’s where time goes there folks), but a sermon on Facebook is better than nothing.

I read with interest that the board of Alderman will allow Jake Broome to hold his wedding at the Batesville Mounds. He did his Eagle Scout Project at the Nature Trail and had his Eagle Scout Ceremony at the Mounds.

Of the two who voted against this, Teddy Morrow and Stan Harrison, Stan was quoted as saying, “I’m not necessary against this… if we start doing this kind of thing….it’s a “scared” kind of place. We will have other things come up.”

Mr. Harrison and Mr. Morrow, a wedding is a sacred thing! Do the Mounds really belong to us? I am glad that Batesville has become the caretakers. I appreciate the dedication that the Board of Aldermen give to their jobs, but do not go to the extreme.

When Wanda Mitchell was denied yard signs for the yard sales she has on her own property for the cause of the needy. Ms. Mitchell related that a man came to her sale because his son had sold his shoes for drugs. She was able to help him. He could not go to Walmart and Stubbs to buy shoes, could he? Ms. Mitchell did not hang yard sale signs around the neck of lions or other yard ornaments in affluent neighborhoods.

If all signs are removed before 8 a.m. the next morning, what can it hurt? My former neighbor, Mrs. Rudy Weisenburger, and I used to drive through neighborhoods looking for yard sales, buying stuff we did not need, but just couldn’t turn down a bargain.

While you are housebound this week, text or call me with your story.  Home number is 662-563-1742 and cell is 901-828-8824.