Garbage situation going to be a mess

Garbage situation going to be a mess

Veteran journalists, along with observers of city and county politics, all know that much of the business conducted by elected boards for the people of said cities and counties, is generally boring.
Routine matters of maintenance and planning and most other business the boards attend to is simply not interesting. There are, however, a few hot-button issues that can always be counted on to stir up the masses.
Water and sewer service is one. Salaries and compensation is another. And let’s not forget trash and garbage collection and associated fees for pick-up.
So it’s easy to predict that Panola County’s Board of Supervisors are about to take on a challenge that will likely get messy. Real messy.
Supervisors have been talking about the matter of household garbage collection for several months, specifically about the problem of having trucks under contract with the county running routes on private roads.
It seems the supervisors have put the matter off about as long as possible, and now must address the situation. Jennifer Jackson, who oversees the solid waste collection for the county, has been driving Panola roads and making lists of areas that will no longer be eligible to have individual garbage containers, and regularly scheduled house-to-house pickup.
She gave the supervisors a long list of private roads at their Monday meeting. The bulk of the list was made up of about 35 roads that make up the Enid Shores areas of the county. Residents in that area will soon lose their garbage pick-up at their houses.
Instead, the county is proposing to place a large 30-yard roll-off type dumpster at the water tower that serves the area. Residents will ostensibly carry their own trash to the dumpster which will be picked up and replaced on a regular schedule.
The logistics of that proposed solution has lots of potential for snags, the most obvious being a host of dissatisfied residents. The people of that area already have short fuses with the supervisors because of the conditions of their roads, which the county isn’t really supposed to be assisting with upkeep anyway.
Besides Enid Shores, there is the Ramsey Circle trailer park on Hwy. 51 North. The county hopes to collect those cans from residents and place an eight-yard dumpster there for customers to use. The plan calls for that dumpster to be emptied twice a week.
And let’s not forget the other 75 or so private roads (many of them not more that long driveways) scattered around the county.
Residents of those roads will also have to take their cans to the nearest public road each week for pick-up.
This has the potential to be a big, stinky mess. Stay tuned.


  1. Me on May 16, 2018 at 9:46 am

    How tall is the dumpster going to be or will it be one that they drive up a ramp like the one on 32? Lots of issues. From individuals transporting GARBAGE in their vehicles, overflow, litter (intentional/unintentional and animals), broken glass, etc. Apartment buildings don’t have ample space for all the garbage at Christmas, just imagine the load for this area. There will be people that would rather burn it than drive it to the dump site. This won’t affect me directly, but I really think the overdue garbage bills should be handled first. Maybe in this manner or stop picking it up until they make some sort of payment.

  2. Michelle Weekes on May 18, 2018 at 4:40 pm

    Regarding our trash pickup you act as though this is an honor that the county has bestowed upon us. Lest you forget we do pay for the service and yes there are many residents at Enid Shores that are upset to put it mildly. Many of the residents are elderly or disabled and this will be an extreme hardship. They moved here to retire in peace with an expectation of the garbage being picked up as it has been in the past. Ms. Jackson or any of you supervisors how would you like going outside to grill or sit on the deck only to have the strong stench of garbage not to mention rats, flies, overflow of old mattresses, appliances and garbage strewn all around because everyone from miles around will come to dump their garbage.
    Could someone please tell me exactly why we pay taxes? If you don’t want to maintain the roads fine. Don’t. You don’t anyway. We could do a great job of it with the taxes that we pay…what is the benefit that we get in turn for our tax dollars?

  3. Me on June 25, 2018 at 6:29 am

    They need to be working on the roads in county instead of garbage there is plenty of free labor at jail that could pick up garbage lots of people are beginning to think a person in office is just stacking there pockets with money cause they are certainly not doing anything about roads pitiful

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