McCloud outlines year 2 goals

Published 10:45 am Tuesday, February 27, 2018

McCloud outlines year 2 goals

By Jeremy Weldon

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This month marks the completion of one year as Batesville’s top policeman, and Chief Jimmy McCloud has outlined new goals for the department.

Specifically, the chief has begun the process to have the Batesville Police Department assigned official accreditation status by the Mississippi Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (MSLEAC).

This special accreditation has been given to just a few departments in the state – The closest ones in DeSoto County and Oxford.

McCloud said he is encouraged at the beginning of the two-year process because of the support of the Board of Aldermen, and the dedication of the officers on his staff.

“Last year was tight, tight budget year for the City of Batesville, but the board found a way to increase funds for crime prevention and education,” he said. No less support is anticipated this year when budgets are again drawn up by city officials.

The accreditation program was created in 2004 and implemented by the state’s Chief’s Association and Sheriff’s Association along with the Department of Public Safety.

Based on similar programs in 17 states, the accreditation process seeks to bring police departments to a level of practice and performance that is consistent with national standards for the most successful police agencies.

The program requires departments to meet 118 identified standards, striving to develop policies that maximize relationships with other agencies nationwide. The goal is improved crime prevention, while maintaining personnel and management benchmarks outlined within the 118 standards.

The result should produce better police relations, and monetary stimulus in the form of lower liability insurance premiums.

“Other departments that have completed this process have seen their liability costs drop by as much as 10 percent,” McCloud said.

The standards to be met will also have inter-department benefits, the chief said. A streamlining of management and administration of police office procedures will spawn greater accountability from the top down, according to McCloud.

Batesville has received the application package, completed the program’s initial requirements, and will soon begin in-depth assessments of policies at the Police Department.