Web site opens window to Panola County 4/4/2014

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 4, 2014

Web site opens window to Panola County

By: Sonny Simmons
Panola Partnership CEO

The latest in our efforts to market ourselves more aggressively and more effectively is in the way of completely revamping our web site.

Even though we continually update our web site to keep it fresh and current, it has been almost seven years since we have done a complete upgrade. An economic development organization’s link to the world is its web site. It must contain all the data that is needed for a business, industry or site location consultant to find in order to determine if that community is a candidate for the location of that perspective business or industry.

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Statistics show that 9 out of every10 site searches are initially done through a community’s web site. If the information needed is not readily available on the site and easy to find, in most cases, that community is eliminated from consideration.

We cannot afford to lose a project because of an inadequate web site. That being said, we are making the investment and improvements needed to make our site the best it can possibly be.
The end result, when completed, will be a web site that is all inclusive, with a fresh new look. It will have all the current data about our county and our communities, our industrial parks and buildings, our business environment, our recreation opportunities and our quality of life assets. The site will be user friendly and will be easy to find via the internet. So many communities fail to realize how important the social media outlets are to their growth and success. We know how important this is to our continued success and we are willing to take the necessary steps to maximize our exposure to the world.

We want our window to the world to be open for all to see what Panola County, Mississippi has to offer.
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