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Jefcoat Letter

Web site to support tax exemption for vets 100 percent disabled in service

There’s no doubt that we support our troops and we support our disabled veterans. But in reality, do we support in words only?

Veterans were willing to lay down their lives for us. They have not asked for our words or our deeds in supporting them. 

President George Washington said, “ It was the price of their blood and your independency, it is therefore more than a common debt, it is a debt of honor.”

For the past four years, Legislation has been submitted to grant full homestead exemption for Mississippi veterans who have been disabled for life fighting for our freedoms. It has failed for four years! It is being introduced again this year by several representatives.

There are approximately 3,000 veterans in Mississippi who would be covered under this new legislation. The population of the state is almost 3,000,000. Our neighbors in Arkansas and many other states honor their veterans with a full homestead exemption. Mississippi has two specific benefits for 100% disabled veterans: a one-dollar car tag and a free fishing and hunting license.

If you support full homestead exemption legislation,  please visit the web site www.disabledmississippiveterans.com and sign up as a supporter (either business or individuals). This legislation does NOT cover all veterans, only those who are 100% totally disabled from military service. It will also only affect those whose homes appraise over the current $75,000 exemption. The $75,000 current exemption is granted to all those disabled from any cause and to those who turn 65 years old.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but maybe those who sacrificed so much for us should be a little more special to us.

The web site address has been sent to every state senator, representative, and to every member of the executive branch once already and will be sent again every month until April 1, 2010. The announcement of this web site will be sent as a news release to the MS Press Association asking them to release it to every newspaper in the state. It has been advertised on Facebook and MySpace on the Internet, through letters to editors and presentations to veterans organizations.

By checking this web site, elected officials will know who supports this legislation. (Numbers are what legislators understand).

You can also know how many of our elected officials have signed on to support this legislation. If you don’t have a computer, please call or write any or all of your elected officials letting them know you support a full homestead exemption for our totally disabled veterans.

Ask yourself: “Am I thankful enough to spend five minutes of my time and probably less than the cost of a cup of coffee to support and honor our totally disabled veterans?”

I thank them for their sacrifice and I thank you for your support!

Bobby D. Jefcoat