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Twitter and Facebook

Panolian ‘Tweeting,’ has Facebook friends

By Billy Davis and Madison Kilgore

Internet savvy readers of The Panolian have two new ways to stay connected to the news, and to each other, through social networking Web sites. 

The Panolian, in past weeks, has begun a Twitter page and a Facebook page.

Twitter.com, a free Internet site, lets members send and receive brief what-I’m-doing-now messages.

Sending a Twitter message is called “Tweeting.” Subscribers to your personal Twitter page are called “followers.”

The Panolian has used its “Tweets” to announce breaking news, beginning with the August 5 sentencing of Dennis Ray Cosby, who had been found guilty of killing his wife.

Other Tweets have updated Panolian readers about goings-on at the newspaper office – what is being covered by reporters and what readers will read in the following issue.

A “Tweet” last Friday alerted followers that John Howell Sr. had traveled to Oxford, where he was reporting on the court hearing about Tri-Lakes ad valorem taxes.

“Twitter is relatively new to the Internet and it’s new to us, too,” said Howell. “But we feel it’s a great way to let our readers know what’s going on behind the scenes of their local newspaper.”

Likewise, The Panolian has joined Facebook, which allows Facebook members to support The Panolian as a “fan.” Facebook is also a free Internet site designed for social networking.

Fans of the Panolian on Facebook have access to breaking news updates and direct links to Panolian.com stories, as well as the ability to comment on various topics. Such updates are shared on the Panolian’s “wall.”

To become a fan of the Panolian on Facebook, simply log on to Facebook and perform a search on “The Panolian.”