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Hudson Letter

Citizens adamantly against Sunday beer sales, says Dr. Hudson

To the editor:

The concerned citizens of Batesville are adamantly against the sale of alcoholic beverages on Sunday. The motion was conceived by the city board and their intention was to pass it without the people’s knowledge.

America is a Christian nation and Batesville is also a Christian city. The Bible tells us to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. We the people need to take a stand for our Christian values and not allow evil to take over our city. Common sense tells us if the bill passes, there will be more DUI’s and more work for our law enforcement and judicial system, aside from the costs of alcohol treatment centers.

All of this is about money. The revenue received from these sales for the city of Batesville is not worth one lost life, whether it be the drunk driver or the innocent souls lost.

Selling liquor on Sunday is wrong. City council if you vote for this motion, the blood will be on your hands. All concerned citizens please meet with us on Tuesday, September 1, 2009, at 3 o’clock at the City Hall. We want the city council to understand where we stand. NO LIQUOR SALES ON SUNDAY OUR LORD’S DAY. Please mark your calendars and be there for this important meeting. Also, I have a petition for you to sign if you cannot attend this meeting.

Now is the time to contact your alderman and tell him how you feel.

/s/Walter Tubbs Hudson, D.V.M.