Myra Bean Column

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 8, 2008

Is the Big Apple big enough?

The saga of Mississippi native Brett Favre has invaded all of our lives. Even if we did not really know who he was before last week, we know now.

He retired with nothing but public accolades from the Green Bay Packers after 16 seasons. His jersey number 4 is scheduled to be retired to never see action in that fair city again. Then BOOM…

Favre wants out of retirement. Maybe working with the high school at Oak Grove is not all that. Word started coming down that maybe he was forced out. No amount of money would make Favre continue with his retirement.

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On websites across America, average citizens agreed they would take $20 million to stay at home and stay retired.

But for love of the game, Favre is back.

He and the Packers were not able to come to any agreement about Favre becoming a Packer again, so Wednesday night Favre became a Jet.

Is the Big Apple big enough for the two high-powered Mississippi quarterbacks? Remember, Eli Manning directs the Giants.

So Brett takes what’s offered him and the Jets are ecstatic, but is Favre? Will he just share one of those crooked grins of his or an all out smile and wave like he did when he returned to Green Bay Saturday? Will the Jets fans be able to win Favre’s heart like the Green Bay fans? Will he ever be happy there?

Does it matter if he is happy?

The Jets got Favre because they know they need some help. They need to go pick up a few more players in a few more areas. That’s another storyline.

The Jets organization and fans know that in order for the Jets to have a turnaround season with Favre at the helm, they need for him to be happy. So he will be wined, dined and jetsetted around the Big Apple and given whatever he desires so that he will go out, play the game and hopefully give the Jets a better than 4-12 season this year.

I mean he gave up a reportedly $25 million to stay retired for love of the game. Does it matter for whom you play the game for, or where you play it?