Reports – 11/18/2005

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 18, 2005

The Panolian: COUNTY REPORTS – November 18, 2005

  From the 11/18/05 edition of The Panolian  

City Court Report

One DUI charge dismissed by Municipal Court judge
By Emily Williams

A DUI charge was dismissed by Judge Bill McKenzie after the arresting officer was unavailable to testify in Batesville Municipal Court Wednesday.

Melanie Rose of 3572 Mt. Olivet Rd., Batesville, was represented by Attorney Jeff Padgett on charges of DUI (blood alcohol content .11). Her defense was that the arresting officer Vince Walls was not available to testify that she was driving under the influence.

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Jeremy Bright of 185 Hanover Dr., Athens, Ga., contested an improper turn ticket issued to him at the red light on Highway 6 in front of Burger King.

He told Judge McKenzie that he saw no signs that said, "no U turns."

Judge McKenzie told Bright he would look up the "U turn" sign law and make his decision.

Grand jury
Ashley Tedford of 104 Stevens Rd., was transferred to circuit court for embezzlement charges.

James Barksdale of 4887 Nash Rd., Batesville, was transferred to circuit court for possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

David Self of 203 East St., Batesville, was transferred to circuit court for embezzlement and possession of marijuana less than an ounce. His attorney David Walker requested a lower bond of $15,000 instead of $20,000.

His request was granted.

Contempt of court
Eddie L. Fondren of 311 Greenbriar, Courtland, failed to appear for contempt of court – old fines of $435 that have been due since May, 2005. Alright Bonding Company was notified.

Latasha Turner of 686 Herron Rd., Courtland, was ordered to pay her old fines of $310 that have been due since March of 2005 or serve 30 days in county jail.

Willie Reeves Jr. of 4537 Curtis Rd., Batesville, enrolled in the city’s work release program for 13 days in lieu of paying old fines of $510 that have been due since June of 2005.

The city’s work release program is an option for defendants who cannot pay their fines.

Jerry L. Pomlee of 84 Buena Vista, Water Valley, had stalking charges remanded to the files.

Affiant Patricia Pomlee told Judge McKenzie that she is still married to Jerry Pomlee, but they had been "separated" for five years.

The defendant told the judge he just wanted to talk to his daughter who lives with the affiant.

Judge McKenzie advised both of them to go to Chancery court and arrange for visitation rights for the child and a divorce.

Disorderly conduct
Edward House of 104 Autumn Ave., Batesville, paid his fines of $605 for disorderly conduct – failure to comply, prior to court.

Joe Willie Watson of 691-A Taylor Rd., Courtland, entered a guilty plea to disorderly conduct – failing to comply with the officer’s request. He was fined $605.

Petit larceny
Jackie Golden of 105 Dickey Dr., Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to taking $150 worth of medications from affiant Herman Smith.

Smith told Judge McKenzie that the pills were in her purse.

Golden replied, "He gave them to me."

A trial date was set for December 14.

Malicious mischief
Joshua McDowell of 3726 Tocowa Rd., Courtland, entered a guilty plea to intentionally causing damage to Herman Coates front door by throwing a champagne bottle at it.

Coates is the headmaster of North Delta School.

McDowell told the judge that he attends South Panola High School but likes to hang out at North Delta.

"I just wanted to wake him up," replied McDowell when Judge McKenzie asked why he threw the bottle.

He also told the judge that he had turned himself in.
He was fined $265 and ordered to pay restitution of $100 for damages.

Simple assault
Prince Poole of 113-C Cole Dr., Batesville, was found guilty of two counts of simple assault by attempting to hit a juvenile and Jeremy Wright with a car.
Instead of paying his fine of $530 he enrolled in the city’s work release program.

He told the judge that he tried to hit them with the car because they were coming towards him with sticks and that they had shot into his mother’s home a week earlier.

False pretenses
Zerick Ramsey of 802 OB McClinton Rd., Senatobia, entered a guilty plea on a charge of selling a stolen computer to a local pawn shop for $230.
"I bought it from a person on the street," said Ramsey.

He was fined $305 and ordered to pay restitution of $230 to the pawn shop back.

Junk ordinance
Kaye Smith of 313 Willa St., Batesville, was given two weeks to remove junk cars from her premises and to clean off her porch.

Assistant code enforcement officer John McCollum told the judge he had served her papers after a few people in the neighborhood made complaints.

James Williams of 218 Panola Avenue, Batesville, complied to the junk ordiance violation prior to court.

Michael Ballentine of 799 Bellmont, Sardis, was sentenced to 30 days in county jail after entering a guilty plea to stealing a necklace and some watches worth $290 from Treasures on Highway 51.

Second time shoplifting offenders are required to serve jail time.

He told Judge McKenzie that a couple of people were with him, but he decided to take the blame.

He also had old fines of $780 that have been due since July 2005.

"I was giving my mom the money to pay my fines, but she was putting it in her pocket," said Ballentine.

He then asked the judge if he could just "serve out" his fines which amount to $1,885.

Judge McKenzie told him it would take 105 days to "serve" his total amount of fines.

Ballentine changed his mind and said, "I will just do the 30 days."

Melanie R. Chambers, P.O. Box 707/24-B Depot St., Charleston, was fined $583 for no proof of insurance.

Sheriff’s Report    
No report this issue
Marriage Licenses
In the report of October marriages published in the November 15 edition, the name of a bride who married on October 29 was misspelled. The listing should have stated Rodney Glenn Hentz and April Rose Burgh.
     The Panolian regrets the error.
Divorces Granted
No report this issue
Batesville Fire Department Report
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Health Inspections
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