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Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Panolian Sports Headlines Achives: January 21, 2003

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ND Players/Coach Appear in MPSA All-Star Game
Appearing in the Miss. Private School Assoc. All-star game in December from North Delta were (l to r) North head coach Rick Johnston; center Drew Ledbetter, linebacker Dallas Allgood and defensive back Collins Bryant. The North won over the South 26-15.

BATESVILLE – To cap off a successful season, three North Delta players and head coach Rick Johnston participated in the annual Mississippi Private School Association All-Star game in December.

Johnston was the head coach of the North team chosen from all the coaches in the North above Jackson.

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He said, "It was an honor for me and it ranks right up there. And being able to win made it just that much sweeter."

Selected to play from North Delta were Collins Bryant, Dallas Allgood and Drew Ledbetter.

Ledbetter was the starting center. Bryant was the starting defensive back and Allgood started as a linebacker.

Ledbetter finished his season at North Delta with a grade of 88 percent. He had 101 knockdowns and 71 pancakes.

North Delta assistant coach Lance Thomas said Ledbetter was a great leader playing example.

"He has good, quick feet and is a pleasure to coach," Thomas said.

Bryant had 224 carries this season. He rushed for 1,366 yards and scored 23 touchdowns. He averaged 6.1 yards per carry.

Bryant completed 19 of 44 passes for 374 yards and three touchdowns. He scored two kickoff return touchdowns.

Allgood was the leading tackler with 157 total tackles, 98 solos. He recorded eight sacks and three interceptions.

On offense, Allgood carried the ball 30 times for 285 yards and six touchdowns. He averaged 5.7 yards per carry.

The North won the annual event 26-15.

Johnston said his main focus was to give equal playing time to the players in order to showcase the talent chosen for the team. With the talent on the squad, they were two or three deep in each position.

The players were really focused, according to Johnston, and he attributes the win to that detail.

"We had a good bunch and were able to get quality work out of them," Johnston said. "It was nice sitting on an offense where you have numerous weapons to choose from. It was a treat just to watch them play."

Helping to coach the North along with Johnston were assistant coaches Tom Lewis of Heidelberg Academy, Skip Moore of Madison-Ridgeland Academy (MRA), and Todd Lott of Washington School.

Johnston called Lewis the "Elder-Statesman" of coaches. He has been coaching for 24 years.

"He was a tremendous amount of help. I picked his brain every chance I got.

"As a coach, I learned something, too," Johnston continued. "I learned little things like stretching and the kicking game to something bigger on how to get a different block on the defensive and offensive lines."

Also chosen to play in the All-Star game from neighboring areas were David Reed, Magnolia Heights, scored a 13-yard touchdown run; Jonathan Carpenter of Clarksdale-Lee, who made a tackle for a safety; Seth Adams of Marshall Academy, start quarterback; Justin Delap, Magnolia Heights, MVP; Drew Bright, Jimmy Fly and Julius Roberson, all of Strider; and Derek Holman, Marshall.

Depleted Tiger Team Falls to OB and Senatobia
South Panola Tiger Will Poole, No. 12, goes up high to block a Senatobia basket Saturday, Jan. 18. Senatobia defeated the Tigers 68-54.

BATESVILLE – There has to be some relief in sight for the South Panola Tigers, but one is hard pressed to find it.

The team which started with 15 players jockeying for position is now down to nine and the wins are still elusive. Discipline problems have plagued the team for a while now, according to head coach Wilbert Beard, and he has had to take some steps to alleviate those problems.

Even though Beard was cautiously optimistic about the season in the beginning, he did feel the team had a chance to have a decent season.

With just four games left in the season, excluding the district tournament, there is no chance of the team breaking even.

The last win the Tigers brought home was over West Point, Nov. 26. Since then the Tigers have lost 13 straight games including back-to-back losses this weekend to Olive Branch and Senatobia.

The 59-45 loss to the 18-1 Olive Branch Conquistadors dropped the Tigers to 0-3 in district play. The 68-54 loss to Senatobia dropped the Tigers to 3-14 on the season.

Lady Tigers fall to Holly Springs
BATESVILLE – The South Panola Lady Tigers did not fare very well against Holly Springs and fell 65-45 against a much improved Lady Hawks team.

Holly Springs jumped out to a 3-0 lead before free throws by Erinn GAtes and a field goal by Kimberly Dorris gave the Lady Tigers a 4-3 lead with 6:48 left in the first quarter.

Holly Springs went on a 8-1 scoring spree and led 11-5 with 4:42 left in the first quarter.

The Lady Tigers would not be denied and caught up and passed the Lady Hawks 14-13 with 1:03 left in the quarter on a Gates field goal. At the end of the first quarter, South Panola had a 16-13 lead.

The two teams played neck-and-neck through half of the second quarter. Holly Springs retook the lead 26-25 with 3:18 to go in the quarter and scored 10 unanswered points to lead 36-25 at the half.

The Lady Hawks beat the Lady Tigers on the rebounding boards and made the Lady Tigers pay with score after score. At the end of the third quarter, Holly Springs had increased its lead by 14 points, 50-36.

The Panolian Staff Names Superbowl XXXVII Choices
Myra Bean
Sports Editor
– Bucs by 5
Jim Beaver
– Raiders by 14
Kate B. Dickson
– Raiders by 13
Jason C. Mattox
Senior Staff Writer
– Bucs by 9
Tracy Goforth
Display Advertising Sales
– Bucs by 4
Michelle Sanders
Display Advertising Sales
– Bucs by 2
Beverly Boyett
Classified Sales
– Raiders by 5
Amanda Edwards
– Bucs by 3
Margaret Buntin
Graphic Artist
– Bucs by 8
Diane Parker
Graphic Artist
– Raiders by 10
Morgan Parducci
Press Manager
– Bucs by 10
Ben Shelton
Assistant Pressman
– Bucs by 13
Edna Cadena
– Raiders by 7
Ernie Munoz
Circulation Director
– Raiders by 4
Crystal Woods
– Raiders by 10



  NOV 14 4:00 A Grenada
  NOV 21 4:45 H Lafayette
  NOV 23 6:00 A Cleveland
  NOV 25 4:45 H Tupelo
  NOV 26 6:00 A West Point
  DEC 3 4:45 A Oxford
  DEC 10 4:45 H Horn Lake
  DEC 13     OPEN
  DEC 20 4:45 H Olive Branch
  JAN 7 6:00 H Calhoun City
  JAN 9-11 6:00 A Water Valley Tournament
  JAN 14 6:00 H Holly Springs
  JAN 17 4:45 A Olive Branch
  JAN 18 6:00 H Senatobia
  JAN 21 4:45 H Southaven
  JAN 24 4:45 A Byhalia
  JAN 28 4:45 A Horn Lake
  JAN 31     OPEN
  FEB 4 4:45 A Southaven
  FEB 7 4:45 H Byhalia
  FEB 13-14 TBA   Divisional Tournament

1 – 7th/8th Girls;   2 – 7th/8th Boys;   3 – Jr High Girls
4 – Jr High Boys;    5 – Varsity Girls;    6 – Varsity Boys
  NOV 12 4:00 3-6 H Strider
  NOV 19 4:00 3-6 A Calhoun
  DEC 7 11:00 1-6 H Lee (MS)
  DEC 10 3:30 1-6 A Marvell
  DEC 12 4:30 3-6 A Kirk
  DEC 14 4:00 3-6 H Bayou
  DEC 20 4:00 3-6 H West Memphis Christian
  DEC 21   1-6 A Magnolia Heights
  JAN 3 3:00 3-6 A Lee (AR)
  JAN 7 3:00 1-6 A Marshall
  JAN 8-11     A Magnolia Heights Tournament
  JAN 14 4:30 3-6 A Bayou
  JAN 18 4:00 3-6 A Indianola
  JAN 21 4:30 3-6 A West Memphis Christian
  JAN 24 3:00 1-6 H Marshall
  JAN 25 2:00 5-6 A Strider
  JAN 27 3:00 1-6 H Marvell
  JAN 30 4:00 3-6 H Kirk
  JAN 31 4:00 3-6 H Indianola
  FEB 1,3     A Jr. High Tournament
  FEB 4   5-6 H Magnolia Heights
  FEB 6-8       North AA Tournament
  FEB 11-12, 14-15 TBA   H North State AA Tournament
  FEB 18-19, 21-22 TBA     State AA Tournament
  FEB 24-MAR 1 TBA     Overall Tournament – MS College

  NOV 14-16 6:00 A Coldwater Tournament
  NOV 19 6:00 A Hernando
  NOV 23 6:00 H Coldwater
  NOV 26 6:00 A Olive Branch
  DEC 7 6:00 A H.W. Byers
  DEC 10 6:00 A M.S. Palmer
  DEC 13 6:00 H Lafayette
  DEC 16 6:00 A Coldwater
  DEC 20 6:00 H Coahoma County
  DEC 27 6:00 H M.S. Palmer
  DEC 28 6:00 A Rosa Fort
  JAN 7 6:00 A Charleston
  JAN 10 6:00 H Senatobia
  JAN 14 6:00 H Independence
  JAN 16-18 6:00 H NPHS Cougar Classics
  JAN 21 5:00 A Coahoma County
  JAN 24 6:00 A Water Valley
  JAN 28 6:00 H Charleston
  JAN 31 6:00 H Rosa Fort
  FEB 4 6:00 A Independence
  FEB 7 TBA A Senatobia
  FEB 11-13 TBA   District Tournament
  FEB 17 & 18 TBA   3A North State
  FEB 21 & 22 TBA   3A North State
  FEB 25-27 TBA A State Tournament – Jackson, MS