Weekend fun in Texas, except for sniffing

Published 8:20 pm Tuesday, September 12, 2023

By Ricky Swindle

Muffler Shop Musings

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In the words of the late, great Charley Pride, “Is Anybody Goin To San Antone?”

I did last week. Myself, Leigh and my two oldest grandheathens jumped on a plane Labor Day weekend and went to visit three of our other grandheathens in San Antonio.

We had a great time seeing our kids and taking in the sights on the San Antonio River Walk. A beautiful place to visit.

We also toured The Alamo and learned a little history along with the kids.

 I did not know that English singer Phil Collins has one of the largest collections of The Alamo artifacts in the world.

Collins is an Alamo enthusiast and most of the artifacts on display in the museum came from his own personal collection from Santa Anna’s sword to Davy Crockett’s rifle to Jim Bowie’s knife to hundreds of other Alamo related history items.

Another event I was not aware of that was going on is a thing called Comic Con. From what I understand, it’s a celebration and get together for comic book lovers and they dress the parts. 

Grown folks walking around dressed as their comic book heroes was a strange thing for this old Mississippi boy to witness. 

Each to their own I reckon, they looked to be enjoying themselves tremendously. They seemed to cherish the attention they were receiving also.

That’s not an event I’d ever see myself participating in but more power to them I say.

But, no matter if you’re in San Antonio or even the local Pig there’s a fragrance in the air that is very distinguishable. Marijuana. It’s everywhere these days.

I realize certain people have prescriptions for it now and it’s legal. Folks have always puffed a little weed, but nowadays it’s like they bathe in it. 

The scent will knock you back a step. I wonder if they know they smell that rancid or has it dulled their nostrils?

I told a fellow I know with a script, “Buddy, I know you have a doctor script for that stuff and you’re legal but you still can’t smoke it and drive, too, it’s the same as drinking and driving.”

It didn’t seem to phase him though.

You can spot them sometimes at a four way stop waiting on the stop sign to turn green and puff puff puffing away. Best be careful with that stuff.

Maybe it’s just me and I don’t understand how the world works anymore, but I can tell you this with all sincerity, if I was smoking that weed I’d use up a pint of cologne a week to keep that smell off me and my clothes.

Take care of yourself folks and don’t sniff no more than you have to.  

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