Board pays 1 Gridiron event invoice; talks about others

Published 4:21 am Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Batesville aldermen took little open meeting action in the ongoing Legends of the Gridiron saga that has pitted the city board members against Mayor Hal Ferrell, who they say spent funds without permission and solicited donations later, telling contributors the event had a shortfall in funding.

Ferrell responded to the aldermen’s concerns with a letter to the editor on Page 5 of this week’s edition.

At this week’s meeting Tuesday, the board was presented with 10 items on the Pay Request portion of the agenda. Items under this heading are generally approved with little or no discussion, but this week the board approved the payment of three items and said the other seven would be discussed in executive session.

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Press time for the newspaper did not allow for the results of the executive session to be reported in this week’s edition.

The three invoices the board agreed to pay were to Mendrop Engineering Resources ($11,552.50), Whitfield Electric ($163,088.40), and Ava Sue’s Flowers ($1,375). Of those invoices, only the last was connected with the Gridiron event.

The next six invoices originated from the Gridiron event. There were from Taylor Grocery Special Event ($634.50), Magnolia Rental and Sales ($2,485.85), Sports of All Sorts ($164.95), Dexter Chapman DL Photography ($600), Hal Ferrell as reimbursement to Vancellis King Printing ($1,237.50), and Hal Ferrell as reimbursement to Eyes of the Beholder Photography ($2,850).

One other invoice for $9,970 for professional services submitted by Mendrop Engineering Resources was also on the list for executive session discussion.