New pastor at Sardis Methodist on the right track

Published 11:00 am Wednesday, July 19, 2023

By Kay Wolfe
News from the North

Wow!  The Candidates Forum at the Batesville Civic Center last week was fantastic.  The Panolian did a wonderful job organizing the event. Absentee voting is underway, and you have until Oct. 10 to register to vote for the November election.  

Of course, not all candidates could be there, but there were definitely enough to get a good idea about what each one’s strengths and weaknesses are. 

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The roads are the number 1 issue plus the raise in property taxes by most voters. It’s just so expensive – about $160,000 a mile. President of the Board of Supervisors Cole Flint said that mistakes were made during the pandemic, but things are back on track.  

He also stated that we will always be behind on roads, because our roads are very old.  There were a couple of outbursts from 1 of the candidates, but it was quickly shut down.  

I truly don’t understand the negativity of people toward the Panola Partnership.  Education is the key.  Educate yourself about what the Partnership has done for the county.  You have to spend money to make money.  It’s that simple. 

The storms took a huge bite out of the budget with tree removal.  Some bridges are strictly county ones, but some are state ones.  Waste disposal and litter on our road was discussed.  

The candidates for sheriff had very interesting presentations.  The consensus from most candidates was that we are going to have to work together as 1 community (black, white, yellow, red, or brown) to help with crime, youth, and gang violence.  

We know it starts in the family. There’s so much more. You just should have been there. I finally got to go down Viney Creek Road to see all the new construction. It has really grown with lovely homes on both sides of the road. 

I spoke at the Sardis Baptist Church about our life in Saudi Arabia – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I just talked too long.  The food was wonderful, but the fellowship was even better.

The new pastor at Sardis Methodist Church gave a wonderful message on the first 4 beatitudes.  Stan and Tammy Lobin are going to revive this church.  Tammy is very interested in getting more youth involved.  They are in the church and outside the church.  It’s our responsibility as adults to help raise them.  We took that vow when they were babies. 

There’s just so much sorrow around.  Be kind to your friends, but be kinder to your enemies. People don’t get that at all. So sad. 

We’re having a class reunion on July 15 at the Heflin House. Most of us are 75 years old, so we figured that we should have them more frequently.  Thanks to Jimmy Vickery for his hard work to make this happen.  I can’t wait.  It will be so much fun. 

Gotta run.  Things to do, people to see, and places to go.  Pick up your litter. It’s gross. 

Live like there’s no tomorrow; Laugh Often; Love Much!