How special you were in the lives of many

Published 12:46 pm Wednesday, June 14, 2023

By Mary Murphy
New Enon Community

Oh, Father we miss you so much, you have always been a beacon into our lives.

The father in our life and others who assumed the gift of man’s load have gone on to a better place. You walked tall with your head held high lifting your brow that others might see Jesus in you. How wonderful it is to remember the joy brought to many.

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Real fathers have become like a rainbow in the lives of their children, with personality of every kind. Our father guided us through the worst time of our lives, when we lost our mother (Earria Lois Jones Fondren) and our brother (Benjamin William Fondren). 

He taught us to pray around the table before we break bread together. He was there for our beginning of school days and college, man and womanhood, love marriages, being husband and wife, and mothers and fathers, most of all grandparents. 

Those of us who have those fathers cherish them, be the example for others. We are living in a world where we have seed produce, reaching to find their own way. 

Have you forgotten to pray? Your heart is filled with sorrow, you forgot to glorify his will. Let go of the anger you feel inside, locked deep inside the emptiness. Bring about the start of a new day the bright sunshine, bring peace to your soul, and joy in your heart.