Poll Managers named by Election Commission

Published 8:35 am Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The Panola County Election Commission has made Poll Manager assignments for the Nov. 8 General Election. The 21 percents in the county will be worked by the managers with each place having at least one Receiving and Returning designee.

Managers in District 1 (Dorothy Wilbourn, Commissioner) are:


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*Brenda Gaines

Glendora Dugger

Lillie Thompson

Marry Fenner

Rebecca Floyd

Union Fire

*Arlene Simpson

Gary Towns

Estellar Amos

Leighton Shearer

Sardis Courthouse

*Annie P. Smith

Hal Johnson

Cornelia Gardner

Charles Blakely

Quantella Towns

Sardis Lake

*Mattie Spears

MIchael Clark

Darlene Cole

Annie B. Perry

Managers in District 2 (Dietrick Johnson, Commissioner) are:

Sardis Library

*Stacy Street

Lenior Gipson

Kay Wolfe

Gloria Tucker

Dolly Morgan

Pleasant Grove

*Chiquita Oliver

Gloristine Hunt

Lillian Henderson

Buford Eard

Shakemia Towns


*Brenda Rucker

Suzan Land

Dorothy Ruffin

Francis Parks

Darcus Campbell


*Jimmy Dawkins

Rosemary Dawkins

Beverly Turman

Reta Merrell

Vanessa Thompson


*Jacqueline Glover

Tammy Thornton

Eddie Henderson

Shirley Kuykendall

Sturleen Hoskins

Managers in District 3 (Wayne Belk, Commissioner) are:

Cliff Finch

*Gloria Menzie

Viola Boston

Diane Nadolni

Calvin Land

Sandra Barnett


*Martha Pittman

Kat Seay

Linda Bean

Cecil McGehee

Annie Cole


*Debbie Shearer

Jeff Shearer

Barbara Bledsoe

Edward Beale

Georgella Hall


*Sandra Darby

Betty Hudson

Dale Shankle

Linda Jones

Rosie Brooks


*Keyshanda King

Dovie Watts

Arnold Twilley

Teresa Coleman

Managers in District 4 (Wanda Carmichael, Commissioner) are:

Panola Ext.

*Steven Boyd

Christina Boyd

Nancy Carr

Sandra Carr

Yvonne Taylor


*Billy Smith

Amy Burnett

Becky Busby

Silvester Rice

Susan Randolph

Black Jack

*Larry Browning

Nancy Freeman

Gilbert Pegues

Lonnie Ales

Morris Wagner

Mt. Olivet

*Debbie Tidwell

Ronnie Smith

Pamela Crowder

Josephine Mathis

Managers in District 5 (Kaye Smythe, Commissioner) are:

B’ville Courthouse

*Wade Davis

Pat Hardy

Barbara Bruce

Johnnie Lou Smith

Mary Roden

Margaret Hinton

Patton Lane

*Mary Hudson

John R. Hudson

Tommy Toney

Percy Bruce

Madistean Cooper

Nina Kimble


*Patricia Ferrell

Bobbie Austin

Patricia Harrison

Lisa Webster

Named as Resolution Committee Members were Pam George, Selena Cook, Mattie Fenner, Gina Kilgore, and Sharon Hudson.

*Denotes RR