Always fun to see the grown up kids

Published 8:38 am Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Kay Wolfe

News from the North

There is a lot going on north of the River.  I was driving from where daughter Amanda works at the Goldon Assisted Living in Southaven and decided to treat myself to a dozen oysters in Como. Yes, I did share with Rickey.

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I leisurely strolled down to Windy City, and remembered when I opened the door that it was trivia, Karaoke, and live music night there. It was packed and loud, but I struck up a conversation with Jerry and Ann Bailey’s son.

We had a great conversation reminiscing about his parents and all the people we know in common. I really enjoy talking to young people that I knew as a child, but have grown up.

Later another young man sat down next to me, and he was Clarence Taylor’s youngest child, Andrew.  Of course, we visited and reminisced also, and I told him about my obsession with cotton. He’s a historian, friend with long time friend Sherman Cooper, and has a degree in aeronautical engineering with an emphasis in rotor wing (helicopters).  Small world!

The whole growing cycle is fascinating.  I really think it stems from the first “big girl” job I had at the ASCS office in Sardis many moons ago when I graduated from North Panola High School.  It was a primo job, and I worked for Mr. Raymond Holland as a planimeter operator.  I worked with many who became fabulous friends in years to come.   

Andrew and I talked and talked about his family, cotton, and just enjoyed visiting.  Of course, it was getting louder and louder, and this other good looking “kid” walked up, and he was Charlie and Rhonda West’s son Hal.  Good grief.  What an awesome young man.  We visited, of course, and he even walked me to my car down by Melvin and Carla Crocket’s wonderful antique store.

What a great time I had that night.


Thursday I happened to be at the Panola Partnership when the Board Meeting was dismissed.  It was like old home week.  The first one that I stopped was Brad Robison. We visited for a minute and talked about his beautiful family.  Then, out walked Michael Dunlap. I love Michael, and he loves me.  We talked briefly.  He is a wonderful man who is soft spoken, extremely smart, and a delight.  I taught Beth Ann, as I also taught Brad and Kelly.

Joe Azar was trailing behind, being his usual gracious self and helped me round up all kinds of freebies.  Fabulous bags, pads, cups, were put into my new bag.  His wife, Katie and daughter Delaney, who is taking piano from me, and son are too precious for words.

We in Panola County are very fortunate to have the Azar family here.  All are very accomplished in their own way.  Joe speaks for himself with everything that he has going on in his work.  Katie is an accomplished musician, singer, artist, and the list goes on and on. Delaney is also very smart and has revamped the weather forecast on the Magnolia Heights’ website. She’s also very accomplished in many aspects.  Their son is wonderful as well and has impeccable manners.  Joe is a Christian, a family man, and a good friend to all.

The election is quickly approaching.  Go vote now at the courthouses or the last 2 Saturdays before the election from 10 a.m .to 2 p.m.


Please say a little prayer for me.  I’m having two weddings in less than 6 months.  Amanda and her partner are registered at The Candle shop, Blossoms, and Amazon, Target, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Live, Laugh and Love!