Two shall become one

Published 3:28 am Wednesday, October 5, 2022

By Jan Penton-Miller

There are some memories that burn in our hearts of something more wonderful than we could have imagined. 

That is the way I will remember my grandson’s wedding. Aidan is a Navy scuba diver and machinist mate on a nuclear submarine. He leaves for deployment later in October, and his new bride, Alex, leaves for her first traveling job as an x-ray technician, soon after. 

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The couple will spend a little over two weeks together before enduring a lengthy time apart.

Alex had planned and prepared for a lovely oåutdoor wedding at the park in Parrottsville, but the threatening weather caused a change of plans. That can be stressful for all concerned, but the many prayers for a beautiful wedding were answered. 

The charming sanctuary was absolutely perfect, and we were all made to feel welcome.

The families had a host of friends that lent a hand to transform the décor into just what Alex wanted, and it could not have been prettier. But the most beautiful thing of all was seeing Alex’s eyes light up when she saw that handsome sailor standing at the altar waiting to take her as his bride.

I did have a brief wardrobe malfunction in the vestibule while I was waiting to be ushered into the sanctuary. Since the dress I had purchased months ago turned out to be a little more formal than what others were planning to wear I had shopped and found one on my way to Tennessee. That was more than a little scary, but a store in Meridian had just what I wanted.

The mothers and grandmothers were almost ready to go down the aisle when I smoothed the skirt of my dress one more time. I touched a big bulge and found a rather large bag of buttons attached to the underside of my dress. Aidan’s Dad ran to his vehicle, wielded his pocket knife, and without too much embarrassment and a few chuckles we were ready to get the show on the road!

It was a day filled with laughter and tears. Now we look forward to all the special times of celebration yet to come for this wonderful couple. Aidan and Alex have become one in the sight of God, and we pray a special blessing on the new family that He created.