Japanese Kawai was a joy to play

Published 7:28 am Thursday, June 9, 2022

By Kay Wolfe

News from the North

What an eventful week.  The program for the dedication of the Veteran’s Park and the Walkway of Heroes was fabulous with over 350 people attending.  

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The day was perfect, and the mayor and his crew fed us a hotdog or hamburger.  I’m sure most people found the bricks that they were looking for. Mayor McCarty will make any corrections that are needed. See him at the Sardis City Hall.  There is a Youtube video which can be found on the Sardis website.  

I had a wonderful opportunity to play the piano at the First Presbyterian Church in Senatobia on Sunday, May 29.  I talked with Margaret Rogers and Pastor Frank Beck several days before about playing that particular Sunday.  I had not solicited playing there, but the Lord works in mysterious ways.  

Martha Frances Garrison, Anne Walker, and I had lunch one Sunday at Windy City Grill on the patio.  After lunch Anne was visiting with a friend at an adjacent table, and as we were leaving, she introduced us to Don Jones and Frank Beck. She also mentioned that I taught her piano.  

Much to my surprise, Margaret called several weeks later and asked me to play the piano while she played the organ on Memorial Day Sunday, May 29.  When I went to rehearse with her, I saw this beautiful black lacquered piano. 

It was a Japanese Kawai; I almost fainted. I decided to play a trilogy of patriotic songs for the prelude. Playing up and down that piano was a joy.  We played a beautiful arrangement of two hymns for special music, because the choir was taking off that Sunday.  

I accompanied her on the hymns. Margaret filled in many blanks during the service.  Daughter Amanda took Anne and I out to eat.  

First Presbyterian is a very old church founded in 1831, but you must see the sanctuary.  It is a rendition of the bottom of an ark.  The woodworking is just magnificent.  What a treasure! 

The stained glass windows are going to have to be reworked, but that Sunday, it was announced that the church had met the goal to lock in the price of having windows redone, and the check had been sent to the contractor.  What a joyous day.

The Summer Reading Program has begun at the Sardis Library under the direction of Ciardi Love.  You would not believe all the activities that he and Branch Manager Charlene Bradford have arranged.  At the moment the Mississippi Art Collection Folk Art Exhibit.