Our young women need to learn their self worth

Published 7:43 am Wednesday, February 2, 2022

By Mary Murphy

New Enon Community

Many of our young girls are struggling because their mind is not on the Word of God.

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When they learn to let go and let God do a work on them they can succeed in life. Girls, learn about stocks and bonds and see how you can bring financial stability to your family.

We must have a purpose in life over profit as we stand for righteousness amid society’s woes. God will fight our battles if we have faith to believe.
Speaking to a young lady who seemed out of peace, I asked if she had any problems. The answer was, “No, I’m just bored.”

She has a job, but a young lady in her 20s needs a life to bring importance to who she wants to become. This young lady is smart, shy, talented, but unsure about who she is.

So many of our youths need mentors, but where are they? Those of my generation have worn ourselves to a frazzle. We can still teach and give advice to those who want to carry on the torch.

I see the beauty in this young lady who looks down upon herself. She has a smile that is undeniable, a grin that lights up her life.

She has the talent to be an illustrator or an animator if given the opportunity.