Make your own list of favorite things in 2021 – here’s mine

Published 10:41 am Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Today’s Special 

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” is a lyric from the musical score of The Sound of Music, my all-time favorite movie.  Warm woolen mittens and bright copper kettles are nice warm and fuzzy thoughts too. Julie Andrews sang them all well.

So, friends here are my rendition of my favorite things, typed not sung, and not all exactly warm and fuzzy, but my favs nonetheless, from this past year. I hope you’ll enjoy my list enough to reflect on your own.

  1. My stainless-steel grater is one of my favorite kitchen things. It has 6 sides and a removable bottom to catch the cheese or whatever you need to grate. It cleans up easily and never will rust. I think it is a much better gift than a new robe. 
  2. Don’t laugh at this one, but pint-sized zip-lock freezer bags rate pretty high with me. They are the perfect size for safe keeping of anything from paper clips to a leftover serving of peas or a hamburger or two. There’s only one (big) problem, they are hard to find.  So Santa if you’re reading The Panolian, I’d sure like to find a year’s supply of these nifty little sturdy bags under my tree.
  3. I love it when Michael Jackson ends his version of “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” with these words, “and I’m going to tell my daddy!” It’s just cute and makes me smile.
  4. Long may it wave:  a red, white and blue windsock with stars and stripes hung from the corner of the sunroom tells us which way the wind is blowing and is a constant reminder of our freedom and the blessings of living in the United States of America.  When the wind and sun wear it out, I replace it with a new one. And it’s the perfect housewarming gift for new neighbors!
  5. A fiddle leaf fig. This tree of a houseplant (which doesn’t produce figs) grows extremely well in the east facing window of my dining room with frequent offerings of rain water.  So much that it almost reached the 12-foot ceiling before it started leaning over, so I watched a YouTube video on how to control your Fiddle Leaf Fig and then cut off almost 4 feet of it.  Now it has branched out and is headed back towards the ceiling.  The sections I removed have rooted too!  I love houseplants that love me back.
  6. The book of Deuteronomy. One of my favorite reads. Full of promises and blessings to look forward to and warnings to heed.  For sure, God is faithful. He will honor his covenant with us.
  7. The very best burger in Memphis.  If you must be there, put your mask on and take a hike down to the cafeteria (it’s at least a half mile from anywhere) in Methodist Hospital on Union Avenue.  Order the great American cheeseburger, it will be grilled while you watch and dressed to your specifications.  Hot, fresh and delicious.  It is certainly worth standing in line for (and there’s always a line, but that’s a good sign).  I ate 3 in 5 days.
  8. And DW is my most favorite of all!  While I was eating hamburgers DW was a patient at Methodist, recovering from surgery to remove an oral cancer that came out of nowhere.  Now, five months later, his mouth has healed from the rather extensive surgery which removed 7 teeth and required a skin and tissue skin graft taken from his upper leg.  During August through September, he completed 30 radiation treatments and 5 chemotherapy infusions here in Jackson at the Kirkland Cancer Center. Today he’s almost back to eating normally, though his taste buds have been slow to wake up.  He’s working with a speech pathologist to help him open his mouth wider (so he can eat a hamburger again) and get his smile back. And a funny thing too, he only has whiskers on one side of his face since radiation. He’s been strong and determined through all of this, in spite of some really tough days, that’s why he’s my #1.
  1. Never underestimate the power of “thoughts and prayers.”  It is a powerful and comforting thought to know that someone somewhere, even someone you don’t know personally is thinking of you and asking for God’s intercession on your behalf.  A most favorite thing for which we are thankful. 

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Now it’s your turn dear readers.  Write down your favorite things for 2021 and share with others as you celebrate this holiday season. When you remember your favorite things you won’t feel so bad, just as the song says. 

Merry Christmas with love from our Tennessee home to yours.

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