Please help JA with Christmas Angel Tree – donate today!

Published 2:18 pm Monday, December 6, 2021

By Ricky Swindle

Howdy, friends!

By Wednesday when the paper prints, Christmas Day will be 17 days away. Some cringe while others say bring it on. I tend to be the latter.

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I have begun my shopping season every year around Labor Day for the past 15 years now.

My eldest GrandHeathen brought all that on, and now I am blessed with five of those little rascals. Preparing early with a little here and there beats having to plop down all those dollars at once. It’s my system and it works well for me.

But folks, I know that I am blessed, and I also know that we have neighbors in our community that are not so fortunate. Some just cannot afford extra costs be it September or December.

If you too are blessed, I have a small suggestion for you.

Make a donation to The Batesville Junior Auxiliary for their Angel Tree Fund. It is, in my opinion, one of the best programs I have ever witnessed that helps underprivileged children during Christmas time.

A lot of their members are school teachers who see the need not only during the holiday season but year round. They know these kids and are well aware of their situations.

My daughter Jennifer, she’s not a member of the JA, always has Angel Tree requests from the JA dropped off at the shop each year.

We go through them and pick out the anonymous names with their wish lists that we personally want to buy for, and the others are picked up by good folks in town just doing their part to help.

You have to remember they are kids. Some kids want a bike or a video game or some type of toy that sparks their interest. As an Angel Tree supporter, you try to fulfill as much as you can afford on their list.

Then you run across this certain one, and the lump swells in your throat as you fight off the ensuing mist forming in your eyes.  Reading down his/her Christmas list makes you want to cry.

No toys are found on their list. Underwear, socks, winter shoes, a warm coat are the things this child is asking for on a piece of paper that plainly asks them “What do you want for Christmas?”

Everything we take for granted is their only desire on the one special day of the year they have the opportunity to ask for anything.

Their minds are not thinking of Christmas Day, because they are more concerned with the day after, and the even colder days to follow.

I don’t care if you are Ebenezer Scrooge or The Grinch himself, that list will humble you if your body has a drop of human blood flowing.

I count my blessings and am grateful to The Good Lord above that’s not my Grands on that list. But, they are someone’s Grands as I see it.  Maybe life hasn’t dealt them the same hand as me, but I can do for mine and I can do a little extra along the way for theirs also.

You can, too.

Make your tax deductible donation check to The Batesville Junior Auxiliary, P.O. Box 885, Batesville MS 38606.

The Good Lord will bless you and bless those kids too.

Take care of yourself folks and always count your blessings.