Weekend was filled with visiting and treats

Published 9:07 am Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Mt. Olivet News

Larry Browning and friends recently took a seven-day trip out west to Cody, Wyoming. Those included in the group were Lynn Hewlett, Paul Britt, Mark Daniels and Don Skipper.

Before they reached their final destination, the group enjoyed the sights of Arkansas, Missouri and Nebraska. One of the interesting sights they enjoyed during the trip was authentic cowboys rounding up some two or three cattle and moving them from one mountain to another.

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The group also enjoyed visiting the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota, made entirely of corn cobs and ears of corn and shucks.

I recently attended the 85th birthday party for Calvin Land Sunday afternoon at the Terza Family Life Center where nearly 40 friends and relatives were on hand for the event. Oct. 29th is a special date for the Land family as Calvin’s father Mr. Pete Land, and his brother Don were all born in October. The two other Land brothers had birthdays with George on Aug. 28, 1938, and Jack’s on Dec.7, 1944. Daughter’s Cathy Elmore and Linda Cole were there with three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

I also visited with Elizabeth Browning who said she is happy to be the oldest member of Mt. Olivet Church. Her daughter’s Lane and Lynda were here for a visit. Jane lives in Clarksville, Tenn., while Lynda resides in Atlanta,Ga. My family lived near Mrs. Browning’s  family in the 1930’s. Mrs. Browning’s sharp mind can still fill me in on many questions that I have about back then.

We were honored to have  Doyle Collier at church Sunday. Mr. Collier is a resident at the Veterans Home in Oxford and is the second oldest member of Mt. Olivet Church.

I hope all the children who went Trick-or-Treating had a safe and fun time Sunday. Halloween originated over 2,000 years ago where it was traced back to the Celts. By the 1st century B.C, the Celts controlled much of the European continent which included present day Ireland and Great Britain. 

Their culture survived there until Julius Caesar launched a military campaign against them, killing thousands and destroying their culture. They remained there to what is now Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 

The Celts custom was to build bonfires and to dress in costumes to ward off evil spirits. With their New Year beginning on Nov.1, The custom of dressing up was brought to the United States by early settlers. 

In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated Nov.1 as All Saints Day as many churches give congregations the opportunity to remember friends and family who have passed on.

Mt. Olivet Church generously gave warm clothing to the Matthew 25 ministry that will be sent to the homeless. Sherry Anderson is still collecting plastic bags to give to Sardis Baptist Church. It takes 700 bags to make one mat. They have made over 200 so far.

I hope you will read Mary Murphy’s column this week where she is sharing her aunt’s Hattie Davidson’s 104th birthday. Her signature is the many hats that she always wore.

If anyone wants to share their Thanksgiving traditions call Donna at 901-828-8824.

P.S. Someone threw  out four puppies at the front door of Terza Church. If anyone wants one please contact Joan O’Neal.