We should all take time to write and send cards

Published 9:16 am Friday, October 8, 2021

Mt. Olivet News

As I write my column, it is an almost perfect autumn day. Just enough heat and humidity to let us know that summer isn’t going to ease out.

There was no breeze blowing and some of our neighbors took the chance to burn some leaves. I’ve always enjoyed the smell of burning leaves in the fall. I don’t burn mine, or even rake them. I like to hear the rustling when people and animals walk through. By spring they will be gone.

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My 21 pecan trees have a mind of their own. The last two years I had very few pecans and I thought my little squirrels had left me. This year, I’ve noticed a good many pecans so I’m hoping the squirrels will be back also.

Someone told me the current 50 cent postage stamp is going up. It made me think about the day when stamps were three cents, and you could also buy a postcard for one cent. Hence, the phrase in a popular love song, “Send me a penny postcard.”

I wish sending cards would make a comeback. Not some quick little phrase on Facebook, but one where you’ve taken time to pick out an appropriate card. Even a blank piece of paper where you would pen your heart-felt thoughts would be welcomed.

Just when I think my mailbox is full of nothing but circulars, junk mail, and bills, I received a sweet card from Joyce and Sam Phillips of the Mt. Olivet community. It was so heartwarming to think that Joyce took the time to find a card, write a message, address the envelope, find a stamp, and walk it to her mailbox.

I am taking her lead and starting to take the time to write to shut-ins, long distance relatives, and friends. People in rehab and nursing homes need to know they are not forgotten nor are they alone.

Patients in short and long term facilities have had it particularly hard during the pandemic. Family often can’t visit and the places are so short on help that all of the patients’ needs are not being met as well as before the virus.

Let’s all send these dear people cards!

Mt. Olivet Church was honored last Sunday with guest soloist Dewigh Arbuckle, who sang the country gospel song “I Believe” by Brooks and Dunn. His 10-year-old son Nathanial also joined the choir for the service.

Have a blessed week. And when you go to the grocery store, buy a card and some stamps. Write someone. Write me! I will write back!

I take phone calls and texts, too. Mobile number is 901-828-8824.