Check out Shoppe’s Coffee Stop in Como

Published 9:23 am Friday, October 8, 2021

News from the North

By Kay Wolfe

Little known Sardis facts – In 1885,The Southern Reporter came to Sardis,owned by the Simmons’ family.  In 1930, Mr. A.E. Fletcher acquired it as per the town of Sardis brochure. Also, In June of 1984, there were 10 major manufacturing plants in Sardis.

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The earliest one I remember is Mrs. CoCola Smith’s plant where Ernie Dye has his business. His business is first class used cars, and he has redone the house that I spent the first four years of my life in.

It is fabulous. I’m going to have to be a peeper and check it out.

Pleasant Grove is a treasure to me personally and many others. Jimmy Jenkins and his precious wife were two of my most favorite people ever. Connie Palmertree and all her family had a wonderful estate sale, and I am a nut for estate sales (had to hide a few things for a while. Connie, Kaye Smythe, Becky McMinn, and Calvin Smith know all about this).

I would have bought Mr. Jimmy’s house in a heartbeat, but a precious family with a little 10-year-old daughter beat me to it.

There is a real treasure in Como right next to the Post Office.  If you blink, you will miss it.  This fabulous Shoppe is called Shoppe’s Como Coffee Stop. This business is owned by Micol Davis, a beautiful young woman who is very accomplished in her own right.

She married Ricky Davis and were touring musicians and were Blue Mother Tupelo. Both are songwriters and recording artists. Micol’s eatery is open most mornings from about 7-11.  She always has fresh perked coffee in a vintage percolator, with fresh baked scones, small batches of homemade muffin, mini loafs, and maybe homemade fudge.

She has unique, vintage finds created by Micol and other local artists. The morning that I was there, I saw Kay King who has been in Como for over 30 years and is also a cancer survivor.

Como Courtyard, initially owned by the Pointer family, was bought by Bobby and Georgia Short. My daughter Liz, Mandy McKittrick, and Ann were all cheerleaders together with  Sara Lynn Johnson.  Whenever Martha Lynn is involved, you know that it’s going to be fabulous, and it was. Also, all three were taught by Jane Wood.

Miss Jane was a big time cheerleader at Ole Miss.  Even though Debbie McCain was never a cheerleader, she was the first black Most Beautiful and the first black Homecoming Queen there! That’s who the McCains are.

She has a son now at Ole Miss and another to follow shortly.  She lives in or near Washington, DC, and is a recruiter for Ole Miss remotely.  I think Cornelia McCain Bishop told me that they would adopt me, so I’m a McCain now. I make an even dozen or a baker’s dozen.

Cynthia, Cornelia’s twin, son almost died from Covid.  Please pray for Cynthia and her son. She is a  frontline worker at the Sardis Nursing Home. Please don’t forget any of our nursing homes and assisted living facilities. They all need prizes for the activities that they do.

Earnestine Dowden, Sardis Nursing Home Activities Director needs  juice boxes, candy, word search books, and those types of things. I’m going to take my precious friend, who plays the piano by ear and note and has perfect pitch, a shepherd’s hook and the  hummingbird feeders to go with it.The staff will see that the food is changed when it should be or I’ll do it.

Remember to stay safe, take that vaccine, be kind to all. Loving and laughing is the answer to the world’s problems.