Birth, death dates seem to have a pattern with us 

Published 9:56 am Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Muffler Shop Musings

By Ricky Swindle

Howdy, friends!

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That’s how much money you helped me gather to take to The Wahabi Shrine this past Saturday. 

We also had 23 winners from our county who each won a nice firearm.

The folks in Jackson are always glad to see me come with that big box of money but they know I’m going to have a big batch of winners too.

Thank y’all again. You make this old hometown boy happy to represent us. They definitely know where Batesville is on the map.

There is a big gun show going on at The Civic Center this coming weekend that is put together by  David Chancellor. Civic Center Director Roy Hyde introduced him to me a couple years ago and David runs a top notch operation out there.

Paige Evans at Batesville Gun & Pawn ran across the Batesville Civitan Club another Donald Trump Edition Ruger 10-22 and The Civitans will be at the front door of the civic center selling chances at $5 each on the gun.

The draw date for the rifle will be this Sunday at the end of the gun show or until we sell the last ticket. Someone will take that nice gun home this Sunday.

I did not have the opportunity to get this one signed as I did the last one. Senator Roger Wicker helped last time with that, but I don’t know anyone in Palm Beach Florida that could have had 45 to sign it for us. Folks down there are quite a bit ahead of my pay grade I’m told.

Friends, my family lost a beautiful soul on Sept. 20. My mother’s middle sister, my Aunt Patsy Darby Jones, left Pope/Crowder Road where she spent her entire life and went to her heavenly home early that morning.

Aunt Patsy was a honey. John Prine had a line in one of the last songs he recorded, “When I Get To Heaven” that reminds me of her. In John’s words “I wanna see all my mama’s sisters, cause that’s where all the love starts.” No truer words have ever been written in my opinion.

My family has strange occurrences on certain dates. We’re all brought up close and tight so that may have a lot to do with it, I’m not sure.

My papaw, Audrey Darby, passed away years ago on April 30th, my Aunt Patsy’s birthday, and was buried on my momma and Aunt Patsy’s baby sister Carolyn’s birthday.

My Grandmomma, Maudie Burke Darby passed away a few years later on January 3rd, my mother’s birthday.

My Daddy, Hubert Swindle left this world on June 14th, my baby girl Paige’s birthday.

My Aunt Patsy went home on September 20th which is my Rylan Clair’s birthday, my oldest Grandheathen.

On a brighter note, my brother Mike’s baby girl Allie was born on February 20th, my birthday, as was my baby Grandheathen Myanna Ruth.

It’s weird how those dates coincide. Your family may be the same way for all I know. Birthdays are special for our little bunch. We wouldn’t change a thing, it makes those days more special to us.

Folks take care of yourself and give a hand up to anyone who needs it if you are able. I will see you on The Local Yokels Show 9-11 Saturday morning on