President poking a hornet’s nest with mandate

Published 9:50 am Thursday, September 23, 2021

By Ricky Swindle

Muffler Shop Musings

Howdy friends!

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Looks like the President has poked a hornet’s nest with the vaccination mandate. No one likes to be told what to do and I see both sides of the coin. I believe folks should get the vaccine, but I don’t believe in forcing it or anything else on people.

I got my shots at the first of the year, and yes, even after taking the vaccine I had my bout with Covid. In my mind, my condition would have been much worse if I had not taken the shots so I’m chalking my vaccine experience up in the category of good decisions made.

I have grown kids in their twenties and thirties who refuse to take the vaccine. They are all very healthy people anyway and I do not feel the need that I should bear down on them and insist they take the shots just because I did.

They are all smart, educated working folks and I make a major point to not interfere in my children’s lives on any and every situation. If they need my advice, they will ask for it. I never have been one of those parents that just throws in my two cents unprovoked to my adult children.

I’ve been thinking about an old story I heard years ago concerning a great flood.

As the water was rising up to this fellow’s home, a neighbor came by in a big pick-up truck and offered his friend a ride to higher ground. “No thank you, The Lord will provide” he stated.

After awhile, the water was up to his windows and another neighbor came by in a boat and offered him a lift to higher ground. Again, a negative response was replied along with the statement “The Lord will provide”.

Along about dark thirty, with the floodwaters completely covering his home with the tip top of his roof being the only part of the structure remaining above water and with him hanging on, a rescue helicopter approached and offered to take him to safety. “No thank you” he answered, “The Lord will provide”. And with that, the floodwaters overtook the house and the fellow drowned.

He makes it to heaven and walks straight up to The Lord and exclaims “Lord I have faithfully served you my entire life and in my time of dire need I cannot believe you forsake me and let me drown !”.

The Lord replied “ Forsake you? Let you drown? I sent you a truck, a boat and a helicopter, you should have chosen one.”

Same with the vaccination in my opinion. It’s out there and has been proven to save lives. It’s up to you as an individual whether you sink or believe enough in your own health situation that you possess the strength to swim to the shore alone when floodwaters rise.

As for me, I choose the truck as I chose my Hemi Ram to deliver me twice to the Civic Center for both my vaccine shots.

Folks you have only 3 days left to buy your tickets for The Wahabi Shriners 18th Annual 100 Gun Drawing this Saturday September 25th. I will be traveling south this Saturday to our temple in Jackson to deliver all the tickets we have sold. The drawing will begin at 1 p.m.

I tell everyone that every ticket I sell is a winner because any time you can do anything to help a child you will feel like a winner in your heart and The Good Lord will bless you.

Folks take care of yourself and if your religion forbids you from participating in a raffle, then bring by a donation and I’ll deliver that for you too. We’re Shriners. We’re having fun and helping kids.